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Video games and universal basic income will someday be the new bread and circus..

With circus ideas in mind...

People from all over have loads of eldritch circus stories like the ones below. It's all too easy to read them all...

Commins' Case: Bloody Burlesque

Warning: Violence and mild sexually suggestive content.

My name is Claude Commins.

I am a detective.

However, I do not investigate cheating wives or corrupt politicians; I investigate things that go bump in the night.

When a beautiful brunette strolls into my office and says someone is trying to kill her, I sense danger.

Unfortunately, I need the money.

Serial killers, the mob, and even dark magic.

Will I be able to solve this mystery and collect my fee?

Commins' Case: Bloody Burlesque on Wattpad

My little sister loves the circus so much.

Its been six years and we still havent found her.

Posted on Reddit by alliedcola.

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Circus Field Trip

I just recalled a strange experience I had as a kid. When I was about 9 or 10, my class had a field trip scheduled to go to the circus. We pre-paid and gave permission slips to the teacher. But on the day of the trip, my best friend and I were the only ones there. There was a school bus waiting for us so we got in, but then nobody else showed up. No chaperone, no other students, just us and the driver. We thought it was kind of cool at the time that we got the bus to ourselves, but it was also a bit creepy. The driver didn't seem bothered by this at all either. We got into the city about 45 mins later, tagged along with another school group that was there, enjoyed the circus, and then managed to find our bus when we got out. Got back to the school in the evening and my dad picked me up (and I assume my friend's parents got him). Nobody else mentioned this the next day, and to everyone but us this seemed completely normal. Feels a bit glitchy to me, especially because it never came up again and nobody made a big deal about it.

Posted on Reddit by AsheyDS.

Captive Audience

As a private investigator, it is my job to get details on wherever, or whoever, I'm told to.

But surrounded by circus freaks, I'm unsure if I'll make it out alive.

I shouldn't have taken this job.

Captive Audience on Wattpad

The circus is coming to town today.

Last time I checked, the circus stopped all performances in 1956 due to murderous clowns.

Posted on Reddit by ripjaw6442.

The Unforgettable Circus Act

As the ring-master went to put his head

inside the lion's open jaws,

"quiet please," he said,

"and hold your applause".

The crowd watched in silent wonder,

but a storm rolled through that night,

and a crash of sudden thunder

cause the beast to jump in fright.

Posted on Reddit by thecuriousdeadcat.

Souls by the Sea

She's not saving the day for herself.

Burlie McLauren is the new girl in Souls by the Sea, a coastal town lousy with witches, and she isn't happy.

Like a needing-meds level of not happy but, for her family's sake, she's hanging in there.

Until Fisk Iping, the strongest witch in the state, targets them all.

A rich aunt must pay ransom to get them out of a mirror version of Souls where it's Halloween forever.

And just to make things even more interesting, "Hey, Burlie, run the gauntlet! If you get past the Horseman that wants your head, the Wolf Man, and whatever else is waiting in the dark I'll let you all go now.

Maybe." Easy bet! How can a sick girl with no magic survive a run into the teeth (and claws) of a witch's imagination? Oh, Burlie finds a way because real power is knowledge.

What she learns will tear Fisk's dream town apart.

Souls by the Sea on Wattpad

Circus music playing in my house

So about a year ago, I was at home laying in my bed, just using my phone. I was home alone, and it was completely silent in my house, so nothing was out of the ordinary. Suddenly, i started hearing loud circus music, and i just froze for like 10-15 seconds and just listened. It felt like the music came from my living room, but before I got out of my bed to check where the music was coming from, I knew I wasn't going to find the source. I got up, and walked slowly towards the living room, and it felt as if the music got louder and louder, and just before i entered the living room, where I thought the music was coming from, it completely stopped. I just stood there and thought wtf, and quickly went outside to make sure there wasnt a car or something blasting circus music in front of my house, and of course there was nothing. The only thing that would make sense was if our home computer had started playing that music on our living room speakers, but both the speakers and the computer were turned off, and of course the TV and all other electronics were off since no one was using them.

Does anybody have any idea as to what this could have been? I have no explanation for it. I have lived in my house for like 7 years and have never felt anything negative, and even when the music was playing it didn't scare me, I was just really curious as to what it was.

It sounded somewhat like this: [, but a bit slower.

Posted on Reddit by Mith1311.

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