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"Come in, it's nice and cosy inside" said my AirBnB host...

as he shoved me into the Cozy freezer.

Posted on Reddit by Meitser.

Haunting in old Airbnb cabin in the mountains

I stayed in an Airbnb cabin in the Gold Coast mountains with some friends. This cabin is about 100-200 years old. Many terrifying, unexplainable things happened over the course of the weekend.

When we first arrived, the vibe was pretty off and everyone felt very unsettledmoody and drained.

There were many strange objects in the house, such as scissors on the walls, rusty nailsfarm tools used as decor, unsettling masks on the walls, a heart with nails through it on the wall, rosary beads etc.

The first thing that happened was the first night, two of us were downstairs unable to sleep due to feeling very frightened and feeling watched. There was a lobby of sorts separating the front door to the living arearest of the house. The door leading to the lobby area was suddenly smashed so hard and loud that it rocked on its hinges.

The next night we were sitting on the deckbalcony over the forest, trying to recreate the sound of the bang on the door to our friends who were asleep at the time. After hitting the wall three times to recreate it, three loud thuds were sounded around the corner of the balcony, and a spare chair was dragged

We all decided to move a mattress into the one room so we could sleep together as we felt unsafe. When three of us were up there, the window slammed shut.

Later that night when everyone was asleep, at 3am I couldnt sleep. I saw the window that slammed shut had a shadow moving across it, so I decided to film it. During the video, I see a white figure move into the frame and back out again. I didnt look at the video until the next day, but it was a face as clear as day.

When I finally fell asleep, I woke up to a man standing at the end of the bed at 6am. He was dressed in indigenous clothing, a red black and white skirt with a red black and white sash, holding a spear and scowling at all of us. I absolutely panicked because I thought it was the Airbnb owners, and I woke up my friend who was in the bed next to me. She didnt see him, and eventually when I looked back he was gone. I ended up feeling extremely nauseous and asked my friend to leave early with me. As soon as I got about 1km away, I felt perfectly fine.

This is the link to the photos. [photos of faceAirbnb](https:www.reddit.comrGhoststoriescommentssr719shauntinginoldairbnbcabininthegoldcoast?utmsourceshareutmmediumiosapputmnameiossmf)

Posted on Reddit by Happyraisin444.

My airbnb guest said to me "this bed is warm and comfortable!"

I don't have the heart to tell him its where we last viewed the ghost victorian child

Posted on Reddit by __PISSMOUTH__.

The airbnb looked clean.

Until I turned on my blacklight pen

Posted on Reddit by SEND_DUCK_PICS.

Something at the Airbnb

(Sorry for formatting, Im on iPhone, and apologies for a really long post). To start off Id like to say that nothing like this has ever happened to me or my boyfriend, and the two of us were more on the non-believing side before it happened. We still cant believe, process, or understand what happened to us.

TLDR: Lights and fan turning on and off moving while switched off, possible possesion

My boyfriend and I were on vacation in the upper peninsula of Michigan, staying at an airbnb on the St. Marys river in Sault St. Marie. It was an older 3-bedroom house with its own nice private beach. We had the entire place to ourselves for the night.

We started off the night by leaving to get some food, playing monopoly, going swimming, etc. Nothing out of the ordinary occurred.

As soon as it got dark, we went out to smoke some weed before we ate the food we had just bought. We went back in, had our dinner, and went to the master bedroom. We were both on our phones when the light on the ceiling fan started to flick on and off. I said that the house was old and suggested we just turn the light off. He said no, and that we should keep it on. This is when he first told me that he had a bad feeling, and I said he was just paranoid from the weed.

I walked out the hallway to the living room to see if I could sense the energy he was feeling, and he followed me. I felt as if nothing was wrong, and went back to the bedroom. He stayed in the hallway, staring at a closed bedroom door. I asked why he was staring at it, and he said I swear I just saw the light in this room turn on and off. I was more concerned about a person being in this house, and I said we needed to go in there and look. We walked in, checked under the bed and in the closet, and nobody was in there. He became really startled, and I was confused because I was still really high and had zoned out. He said that the dresser had just been shaken really aggressively against the wall. I was skeptical since I hadnt seen it myself but I said I believed him and we left the room.

After we were back in the living room, he said, I have a really bad feeling like something bad is going to happen if we stay here. We need to get out of here. We had nowhere to go until the next day, and I didnt want to leave, but I agreed that wed go for a drive, come back after, and get our things and leave if he still felt the same way.

After we finished driving, we went back into the house, and he still had this bad feeling. I still didnt want to go, but I agreed that wed get our things and leave. We walked into the master bedroom first, and the light switch for the ceiling fan and light was off. We had left it on. My boyfriend said, This is exactly what Im talking about. Look at the #$@$ing fan. It was moving slowly in a circle, and as soon as I looked up, it began moving faster, but inconsistently, as if someone was batting at it. The light began to flick on and off again, as well. Mind you, the switch is still off on the wall. This was enough for me to start freaking out, so we grabbed everything out of there and the master bathroom and got the hell out of that room.

Next, we went to the kitchen to do our dishes, since it was a requirement for checkout. My boyfriend reached into a drawer, pulled out the biggest knife in it, and turned his head to look at me. He said nothing, and put the knife down and closed the drawer. I assumed he was trying to show me that it was there in case there really was another person in the house. He started visibly freaking out, and I asked what was wrong. He said, Ill tell you in the car. We packed up, locked the house behind us, and hit the road.

I asked him what he had been so afraid about, and he said, That thing was talking to me the entire time. It got control of me when I was reaching for that knife and it told me to stab you. I had to stop myself and fight it. He continued on, saying that he had been listening to these things the whole time, such as #$@$ing hit her, and Pick up that chair and throw it at her. Hearing this made me sick to my stomach. We ended up sleeping in my car at a rest stop, and neither of us slept well at all, with this lingering awful feeling.

Nothing has really happened to us since, so I dont think it has attached to us or anything, but I just cant fathom how it gained that much control over him in such little time. Ive thought that it was because we were high, which made him more vulnerable. If anyone has their 2 cents to give on this, Id love to hear it. Otherwise, thanks for reading.

EDIT: forgot to actually fill in the TLDR

Posted on Reddit by moodscience.

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