These Abstract Art Ideas Will Make You Way More Creative


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Creativity is much more than innate talent; it's a muscle that needs flexing.

Doing creativity cardio can positively impact a great many facets of your life, making you better at things you might not have seen room for improvement in.

We're focusing in on the powerful effects of producing abstract art. The uniquely ingenious ideas we're covering here might just make you more creative if you give them a try.

Mix Your Mediums

Using multiple tools to do a job you could complete with just one might be a bit impractical, but it may also yield surprising insights.

Abstract mixed media drawing
"Abstract mixed media drawing" by Artwyrd

Mixing and matching mediums in art is as easy as flipping that little switch in your cerebrum that says you shouldn't drip wax over your drawing or splash ink on a photo then cut and paste it on a canvas in pieces. Why not?

Mixed Media Collage 97
"Mixed Media Collage 97" by GregPDX

Paint Emotions, Theories and Sounds

A simple switch up in your focus can produce pretty astonishing results. Whereas art often takes aim at concrete, defined visuals, it can also amble off into the nebulous space of sounds, thoughts, ideas, emotions, textures, memories and dreams if you let it.

"Abstract" by shawnanana08

Depicting such amorphous elements in whatever form you choose encourages you to not only produce pictures in a new way, but to perceive your world in a new way as well.

Emotions -Abstract
"Emotions -Abstract" by zampedroni

Work in Layers

You don't have to call it quits when you cover the canvas. Another layer can contribute otherworldly complexity or pare everything down to a more minimal appearance.

Red Earth Abstract
"Red Earth Abstract" by Starwaltdesign

Sometimes life works in layers as well, presenting problems on one and solutions on another. Layered thinking leads to deeper decision-making. Makes a lot of sense...

Abstract 1 gear of components
"Abstract 1 gear of components" by Gilberto-Mattos

If you're on the prowl for powerful creativity boosters, give the above a go.

You never know... They just might help you outside of the art studio too.

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