Therése Neaimé's "Dragonfly" is a Cupful of Fusion

Odd Nugget Social-done

Eastern stylings stuck to a Western pop profile give Therése Neaimé's "Dragonfly" wings.

It's a dancer's delight imbued with exotic flavor. Feast!

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Flush and panting, you arrive. A phantom in the night...

Warm as a hearth, you're welcomed. Your world meets another.

Light and sound all around. A phantom revives...

You're alive.


"For better or for worse..."

Eastern instruments buzz and flash on all sides of this song. "Dragonfly" is driven by Therése's deep desire to unite her dual cultures in sound. Fusion finds a happy middleground in this track's sound and it's pretty sweet.

"Dragonfly" plays like distant lands, all alight in the white of a starry night. It's felicitous, nearly festive and full of melodic nuance. Neaimé's voice runs natural as nonpareils over ice cream. Dulcet delivery and emotional overtones deepen the lyrics but don't distract from the dance.

If you're up for dance pop with an exotic twist, this is a track with your name on it. It's listening time.

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