THÉA Will Keep You in Place With "Move On"

Odd Nugget thea

A sound-swept sea opens depth-beckoning arms of emotion for you in THÉA's new song "Move On".

Brilliant, billowing plumes of tune meet gentle soundwaves to whisk the mind away throughout this sweet sonic adventure.


You unlock the door.

The wind blows it wide open...

And chills you to bone.

thea move on quote

"Don't want to fight anymore..."

THÉA spells out her next steps in love and life throughout "Move On".

"All the sounds on 'Voices' are made from my own voice. This unique way of producing has built a whole new atmosphere."


Phasing electric waves greet your consciousness at this song's offset, followed closely by a chorus of voices. THÉA sings front and center, occupying space in a sonic spotlight, flanked by angels and air.

thea move on

"Move On" progresses in acts, pulling itself apart from one to the next. THÉA grants an open glimpse of her inner monologue in snippets seemingly directed at a lover, face-to-face. The song's ethereal ambiance alludes to an imaginal conversation not yet consummated.

For a song well worth spacing out to, "Move On" makes an excellent choice. Click that button below and let go.

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