The Woods Wraps Mind in Music in "Night Silk Threads"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

The Woods' new tune "Night Silk Threads" beckons far into the mental, crossing reality's threshold to someplace else entirely.

Rhythm in noire, this song is silt, settled and rumbled to motion by some great vast thing in the deep.

It's too much to think...

To think we'd accept it all.

To leap off the brink...

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"In a daze, we blaze..."

The Woods pierces thin walls of consciousness in "Night Silk Threads," spilling weighty warmth over a still soundscape.

Conjoined percussive elements struggle in opposing directions, clicking, scratching and snapping in reversed rhythm all the while. Words whistle in and around a drowned tangle of droning bass and lapsing synths. If this were a visual, it would be blue depth straddled by lightning mists.


The Woods' "Night Silk Threads" looks in from the outside, assessing in placid poetry the moth and flame dichotomy of our human experience.

Take a long sip of this track and kick back. "Night Silk Threads" is sure to take you away. Press play.

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