The Vegan Leather Clobber Your Ears With "The Hit"

Odd Nugget vegan leather

Sharp, snappy rock fleshed out with indie verve alights your synapses in The Vegan Leather's new track "The Hit".

A shout of rebellion joins a shock of sound in this song, sweet and sour.


Down doubts with a glare.

Give care the slip; disappear.

We will see you there.

Vegan Leather quote

"I'm not ready to cancel the noise."

The Vegan Leather capture the spirit of rebellion in "The Hit," distilling it to wit, harmony and a tight tempo to boot.

"I started to write the song from the point of view of myself as a woman of feeling passive and commodified, and only there for other people’s pleasure.

I then started to think about how this is also true for artists. Art/music that has real integrity or intrinsic value is often turned into something commercial through the pressure of capitalism."

- Marie Collins (Vocalist)

A dirty bass line greases up the low end of the spectrum, forming heated foundation for surgical drums. Vocals in duet dance about in turn and tandem, tiptoing over a buzzy swarm of string and synthesized effect. Gruff riff raunch infects your earholes as each chorus grinds in and out of earshot.

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The Vegan Leather drum up drama and tension throughout "The Hit". Where the world conforms, the VL buck norms, bringing the tune's poignant purpose to light.

"The Hit" is a hit in the making, shaking a tree-full of sound to the ground in poppy punk rock style. Treat your ears to the goodness by slapping the button below and blasting this.

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