The Trusted Smoke and Burn "Cigarettes and Chandeliers"

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Rumbly garage rock wrecks your ears in the Trusted's "Cigarettes and Chandeliers".

Punctuated playing and road-rocking rhythm ricochet in a spirited display.

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Shrapnel and Earth, scorched...
A battlefield, love was and is. Trenches...

On your belly in the muck of it.

It's a mess and you're stuck with it.

"He's the needle in your side..."

Like Queens of the Stone Age and Wolfmother masquerading as one entity, the Trusted entrust us with all of the energy they have to offer in their music. "Cigarettes and Chandeliers" crashes into earshot with a critical mass of melody.

It's the punchy-chorded riffs and the peppy bass's rebounding notes, and the cascading drums drizzled across the spectrum, and the insistent vocals narrating over all else that make this track a smash. It's all of it colliding, at once, perfectly.

"Cigarettes and Chandeliers" is no wall of sound, though. Dynamics prop it up and pull it down from chorus to coda. It's mid-strength. Then, it's loud. But, it's always awesome.

You should listen to this one. The Trusted have produced the exact kind of indie rock you can kick back as much as move to. Let it move you.

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