The Tower of Hanoi - a Legendary Puzzle

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Such a deceptively simple puzzle as the Tower of Hanoi comes from a surprisingly interesting apocalyptic legend.

Don't worry though, according to the legend, there's plenty of time left for us before Earth goes bye bye.

Although the legend itself comes in multiple flavors, featuring various exotic locations, it takes its name from the version situated in Hanoi, Vietnam.

According to the legend, a temple of some sort sits in a secluded space. Within the temple, 3 time-worn posts stand surrounded by 64 golden disks. A team of monks move these discs in accordance with an ancient prophecy which states that the puzzle's completion will coincide with the world's end.


These are VERY diligent monks, ok?

According to careful calculation, considering the legend to be true, it would take them 585 billion years to finish the puzzle at a rate of 1 move per second. Guess we won't be around to see the apocalypse.

A smaller version of the puzzle, with only 9 discs takes a total of 511 moves at the least to complete. Woah.


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