The Soft Underground Show Us "Ghosts"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Rock and revive, the Soft Underground's "Ghosts" does this and more. Cool sounds drizzled over mourning warmth...

This tune plays like cold paradise to the ears. Just relax and slip into haunted subterrain.

"...A plan to set in motion."

Atop a sea of petals, floating... You're drifting, nodding, dreaming.

Tingling in sunlight, you count heartbeats as sheep.

Weightless under whipping winds, your fall becomes flight.


"Just another day..."

A vocal swirl somewhere between Cameo and Bob Dylan brushes delicate ink over an 00's and mid-90's alternative rock canvas.

"Ghosts" carries traces of such songs as Dishwalla's "Counting Blue Cars". It's a mix of mellow melancholy shocked to motion with live instruments.

Piano plays to perfection in "Ghosts" - sprinkling hope over a moody mix. It brings soft jazzy pieces like Double's "Captain of Her Heart" to mind. An unexpected parallel for a rock track...

Smooth, rhythmic strumming as wave water, seesawing piano as wind on the surface and vocals swimming as fish in the middle make "Ghosts" a fair deal less ghastly than it is good. It's a gem. Have a listen and enjoy!

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