The Skyscraper

odd nugget skyscraper

Al had bridged the gap to heaven. He'd crossed hell to do it, too.

First, it was the lot; yes, the lot was a beast to buy. But, he'd found the funds.

Then, the permits, of course. He'd greased a great many palms to get those.

And the designs... The blueprint alone had cost him his fortune, his health and his sobriety.

But, the builders! The builders had cost him millions in other men's money. The builders had cost him his freedom. The builders had cost him his family...

From on high, at the skyscraper's top, Al looked down at the city, unseen so high in the night sky. With the tower finally finished, he felt like being on the ground again. He couldn't wait to leave the tower. He couldn't bear to take the stairs.

Al took the short way down.

odd skyscraper

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