The Rope Kindly Detach Us From "Gravity"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Echoing bliss in a moody musical mist... The Rope's "Gravity" leads us up from Earth to sky above.

It's all retro rock flavor with hazy tones, upbeat and uplifting.

Let loose the lines and cast away.

Row fast away and lure them in. Begin at the end.

Then circle back again.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"And if you stay with me tonight, in the dying Winter light..."

"Gravity" is prime 80's synth fare, full of weightless melody and hovering harmony. To hear it is to meet atmosphere with your ears.

The Rope reel us in with delayed vocal signals and airy padded synths, then lift us up off the ground on gilded guitar licks. Sisters of Mercy sounds run deep in the vocal dynamics, bouncing to harrowing heights and back as Earth escapes us.

"Gravity" sounds like floating and free-fall rolled into one. There's a longing for oneness in the chorus and a call for togetherness in the rest of it. A palpable magnetic pull...

Words aren't likely to do this any real justice. Let your eardrums reach the final verdict and listen for yourself.

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