The Real-Life Rehab Exoskeleton "ReWalk"

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Fans of sci-fi tech suits and robotic improvements on the human body made popular by movies like the Matrix, Avatar and Edge of Tomorrow will be delighted at the development of these awesome real-life exoskeletons.

ReWalker and President

"[ReWalk 6.0] provides the most precise fit, highest walking speed and most natural gait of any powered exoskeleton."

Although the ReWalk system is not designed to give you super jumps and cheetah-charge land speeds, it serves those with spinal injuries and other ailments impeding mobility exceedingly well.

These incredible systems provide the disabled with powered hip and knee motions to get them safely upright again. FDA approved and well-documented as functional, ReWalk systems are setting a new standard for rehabilitation in the medical community.

With press releases reporting their successful use for disabled military and police personnel, literal robocops may be more reality now than science fiction.

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