The Princes in the Tower

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Princes in line to take the throne live a life of lush luxury, but England's tragic "Princes in the Tower" lived not long enough to rule.

What heart of stone, what masked face, what mind run afoul would deign to destroy the innocent futures of prepubescent throne heirs for personal gain? Probably their very own appointed "protector," Richard, Duke of Gloucester.

Yep, that just might've been his dirty plan all along.

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The two brothers, Edward V, King of England and Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York were but 12 and 9 at the time of their father's death. As was customary and expected, Edward was to be appointed king shortly thereafter. However, misfortune would meet the two brothers in the dark Tower of London in which they'd been lodged. Never again would they be seen.

Richard mounted the throne himself as the boys were found to have vanished. How convenient.

A true tragedy and an enduring mystery, to this day no one quite knows for sure what became of the youths. The intrigue has captured many minds and birthed numerous legends over the years.

Even George R. R. Martin is suspected of having been inspired by this grim tale from history. His Game of Thrones series clearly draws a few parallels in its treatment of boy heirs!

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