The Phenomenal Wrestling Phogat Sisters

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Six Indian girls united in their love of wrestling have shaped history through their dedication and achievement. Known now as the "Phogat Sisters", they stand out as inspirations in India and around the world.

Geeta, Babita, Ritu, Sangita, Priyanka and Vinesh were all raised by Olympic wrestling coach Mahavir Singh Phogat, who instilled in them a fervent love for the sport.

Priyanka and Vinesh were actually daughters of Mahavir's brother whom, after losing their father to a fatal land dispute, were taken in by Mahavir himself and raised as his own.

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These six singular sisters grew up to be big successes in the sport and 3 of them (Geeta, Babita and Vinesh) have gotten gold medals in the distinguished Commonwealth Games.

Growing up in Balali, their drive to compete in such a sport as wrestling was considered very uncommon at first. However, the sisters' revolutionary determination to redefine their roles in sports brought about important, lasting change nationwide.

In 2016, a Bollywood production based on their lives by the name of "Dangal" was released - marking the mainstream influence of their inspiring efforts.


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