The Pale Provide Us A Proper View of "Ursa Major"

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The Pale prove reality a relative phenomenon in their new tune "Ursa Major".

Like Stone Temple Pilots passed out beneath the stars, the Pale pull us out into space, spilling sound in zero gravity.

Cold as a cube... Icy to touch...

Damp as dew in morning hush. Mourning the dusk until day again breaks.

Sun ignites night but keeps nighttime in touch.


"Peer in my window. Offer some guidance..."

Porch-top musings make this song a solid trip, trippy with swirling psychedelia in sound and style. It's like stargazing in milky white lunar light.

Drums trudge, militant, through melodic sonic slurry. There's no hurry. Vocals parse poetry to melody, making mental notes to nibble at, ponderous, as twinkling keys and twangy strings strip layers of understanding away like bark off an elder oak. A telescope couldn't see a song so spaced out.


There are enough twists and turns to this tune to take you on a ride of rides. Traversing the air around the edges of the mix, whistling whirrs and dings dig out their own nooks and nestle into your subconscious. Thank the stars for enlightenment.

"Ursa Major" is a major step in the direction of storied musical experiences. If you're up for imagining what the big bear in the sky means to man, maybe make time for this tune. It'll take you there and beyond.

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