The Old Farmer's Almanac is Really, Really, Really Old

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Among America's publications, there is only one that's continuously been in print since the late 1700's, and that's none other than "The Old Farmer's Almanac".

A unique publication printed and released once each and every year, the Old Farmer's Almanac is loaded with witty farming and gardening guides, not to mention a load of weather and astronomical forecasts.

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Robert B. Thomas put together the first of the series of almanacs as editor and founder. In doing so, he took it upon himself to include weather predictions carefully calculated using a formula he'd painstakingly devised from studious observation.

To this day, the formula is guarded by the Old Farmer's Almanac's owner in Dublin. And, none but those in the know can say for sure if the secret ingredient for Krabby Patties is mentioned in it.


"[The Almanac] strives to be useful, but with a pleasant degree of humor."

The Old Farmer's Almanac was notorious for its surprisingly accurate weather predictions. So notorious it was, in fact, that a German spy was caught carrying it in New York during the 2nd World War. Weird. The Almanac was forced to drop forecasts from 1943 to 1945, publishing weather 'indications' instead during war time.

Time has yet to turn the tide of the Almanac's readership, and with a strong online presence, it labors on as North America's longest-running annual resource for farmers.


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