The Night Won't Try to Hide Their "Intentions"

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The Night soar triumphant with sonic exuberance in their new track "Intentions" off their album "Question Everything".

Loud, lush and resonant with vibrant energy...

Standing on the sea-floor...

Whales and whirlpools... Otherworldly.

Lost to your own world, you're visiting here.

Return isn't an option anymore.


"Arrange the words in sequence so they make sense to read..."

Each and every chord strike in the Night's "Intentions" rushes the senses; a sudden surge of ebullient energy.

There's a definite Bruce Springsteen sense of saturation to their sound. "Intentions" feels high octane without gritty guitars or a speedy tempo. Instead, elements build to a tidal crescendo, crashing and recoiling with regularity.

Keys pulse out a cadence at song's start, starting to dissolve into a swell of guitar chord color in short time. Time keeps at the steady thump of a heavy bass note and notes, narrow at first, expand to a collective cloud of audible chroma. It's all-encompassing.

This track is to a listening experience what a wave pool is to swimming; dynamic, at times nearly overwhelming and extremely enjoyable overall. Come swim, the water's fine.

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