The Lobbyists Lead Us Up the Side of a "Golden Mountain"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

The Lobbyists' new tune "Golden Mountain" exudes crystalline tones, exultant, as a melodic force of nature.

Its harmony is as ice cubes in a cauldron; disparate elements meld and mix as the song rises to a boil.

You can see it from afar.

A distant pike, pinpointing... Destination; a door ajar...

Its view won't disappoint.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"I will climb to where the sparrow meets the sky..."

The Lobbyists let us in on a story, unfolding, in "Golden Mountain." The details dwell in cavernous groove and roost atop lofty melody.

Vocals rise high above a racing pace of rhythm on guitar and drums. Instruments sync in strum, strike and scratch until they reach a sprint at full energy. The coursing pulse of the song slows to breathy silence before strings set it afoot again.


Wonder overtakes us in hearing "Golden Mountain." We're winged at once, and off in a feathered flurry. Wind whistles by as we sail headlong on inspired lyrics. A true sense of adventure spills readily from this track, overflowing. Where are we going?

Up a mountain melodic, over foothills harmonious... For a peak at the peak, press play.

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