The Guess Who Return with "Playin' on the Radio"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Sweet nostalgia from the makers of "American Woman"... The Guess Who's "Playin' on the Radio" hearkens back to classic rock's heyday with modern mastery.

"I was a reckless hurricane..."

Cruise. Black on black, your tires melt on tar. Far ahead, the sun is setting.

So much time... Your destination is receding. Your engine's making thunder.

Destiny wears disguises... You'll know it when you get there.

"All we had were the songs..."

Lyrically, "Playin' on the Radio" is all about growth and appreciation. It's a deceptively sentimental track - brimming with significance. Their hearts on sleeves the Guess Who have.

This tune's chorus is what memories are made of; voices in unison, all bliss and energy.


There's enough wishy-washy sway in "Playin' on the Radio" to daze and engage. It's sweet like Sweet's "Fox on the Run", but dynamic enough to stand apart. And stand apart it does. A gnarly breakdown breaks loose with screams and distorted solos, then settles back to choral rhythm nearing the end. Awesome.

Guess what? The Guess Who are back and they're classic as ever. Have yourself a listen and enjoy.

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