The Great Dictators and Jamie Stewart Grab You Stolidly "By the Throat"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

A gentle death march, the Great Dictators' new tune "By the Throat" is harmony in horror held up on the line.

Macabre and harrowingly chilling, this song is a sonic shiver in the night.

A brisk run through the woods...

Lamplit street left behind, you run for the hills.

You run for your life.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"Another day of facing death..."

The Great Dictators make music of mortality and embellish the loss of life in "By the Throat".

Shovels dig deep, repeating to infinity, far past six feet and surrounded by strange sounds, eerie. Deceptively sullen sing-song vocals whisk us away to a time and place where undertakers take time in savoring their labor. Dead weight is dumped and gunshots grant us our final passage.


There's a grim outlook at play in "By the Throat," spurred on by monotony to a state of morose madness. That a meaningless life might find meaning in death... Disturbingly deep it is and the sound alone could drown you.

This track is strange, for sure. And it's well worth a listen too. You may just fall in love with its nihilistic take on musical storytelling. Press play and settle in.

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