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When opinions are politicized, chaos ensues.

As US political confrontations evolve from threatening demonstrations to violent demonstrations and then to violent demonstrations with guns, the perverse parallels between this sad contest and that of Rwandan nationals under manipulative Belgian control begin to show.

When arguments between civil groups grow into weaponized standoffs, loss of life becomes the dystopian norm.

Infantile Debates, Convenient Illnesses and More - Trump's 3-Ring Political Circus

Trump done lost his mind

An actual comedy show with a plot line as absurd as the current state of US politics would be dismissed as too unrealistic for TV.

Trumpy and zomBiden's deplorable display of a "debate" left most of the world wondering what comes next for the once reasonably respectable US.

Apparently, a ridiculous Covid-19 fallout among Trumpy and his administration followed by an immediate 'recovery' by the former is the latest epic plot twist viewers are struggling to unravel.

covid blast

As he ambles forth, foot wedged firmly in mouth and vigor allegedly restored by the power of pharmaceutical experimentation the likes of which would put Green Goblin's Oscorp to shame, Trumpy has hardly missed a beat.

Mind you, by "beat" I mean second of the day spent belligerently spamming Twitter.

After humbly mentioning his "Big" win of the infamously abysmal debate vs a sentient bit of blanched celery we all currently call Biden, Trumpy has shown the world the depths of his insanity.

Irony of the alleged snowflake-crushing president laying bare his laundry list of "entitlements" aside...

Paranoia and mud-flinging can only take you so far. Like kicking an old donkey who's done for the day... Eventually, your ass is grass.

Or, maybe your ass eats the grass? I don't know... But, you get my point.

Something, something, beating a dead horse...

Mind you, the fact that the above tweet from the president of the US 'references' an opinion post by some user named "Girl Bot" ought not go by unnoticed. It's far too funny for that.


In apparent desperation, the leader of the USA has resorted to blasting ALL-CAPS crazy talk at the world on Twitter. The common themes of undue persecution by his political rivals and accusing folks of treason clearly haven't shifted much since he first took office.

Trumpy's similar insistence on casting shade on mail-in ballots (after deliberately sabotaging USPS for the better part of the year) has thus far forced Twitter's hand in actively censoring his tweets with disclaimers.

I never thought I'd see the day when a US president ends up cussed out, ridiculed and told to shut up by the public on his social media account. But hey, it sure is something to see...

His descent into madness has been met by a choral wail of "told ya so's" and "not my POTUS's", but most notably, a sweeping realization that the system that made this political circus sideshow possible isn't worth the greenbacks it's relentlessly printing.

Biden, upon learning Trumpy was allegedly carrying Covid in his shirt pockets, has gone relatively silent. That is, apart from the zombie moaning, of course.

biden am I president yet

With Biden biding time (it's all in the name, ain't it?) and Kamala Harris debating Pence who can't seem to shake a fly off his head, it would seem the Dems have this election in the bag.

But, does any of it actually matter?

pences new pet fly

No amount of policy righting can quickly undo a stark, negative shift in global perception. The nation has been made a laughing stock and the clown level just won't quit.

Despite all its failings, the US had managed to survive the bulk of its troubled history without losing all international respect.

After all this... I'm afraid that respect has jumped face-first from a 12 story window.

US international respect takes a dive

Just as troubling is the Mariana Trench-level divide opening up like a monster's maw between the two faux factions of a pointless political battlefield.

Red vs Blue, Left vs Right, "Us" vs "Them"

pokemon political edition

The American political divide is a kindergarten playground. But, with guns.

It's bare-bottoms vs. diapers out there! Feces will fly! Who will be victorious?

In a word, nobody.

baby politics

All parties fueling this farcical fire are doing precisely what the Belgian colonialists of Rwandan infamy did - pushing for confrontation... Likely, with disastrous consequences.

The Belgian oligarchs of old shamelessly flipped their position on social stratification after years of flame-fanning, when their actions led to an obvious and bloody conclusion. Time will tell if Western society's ruling class lives to do the same.

After all, unlike the Belgians of the colonial era, the modern US ruling class is directly involved in the silly conflict they've created, occupying one of the two false "sides" themselves.

hello peasant

Tutsis were wealthy. Hutu were poor. Twa were natives. All were wracked by horrific conflict in the end.

America has devolved into "Tutsis vs Hutus Reloaded" and the inevitable outcome should everyone stay the confrontational course is pain and suffering. Nothing more, nothing less.

It's a 'my way or the highway' society at this point, but both ways are broken and/or on fire. Make that a gigafire, while you're at it.

All the while, the fact remains that the left-right divide is pure fiction.

Much like a choice between "trash" and "garbage", there's no real choice at all if you continue to play the current political game.

trash vs garbage

Neither repulsicans nor demonrats will bring peace to a violentally partisan populace.

Neither donkeys nor elephants will un-cluster-eff a laughably sociopathic ruling class and their political puppets.

Neither democrat smurfs nor republican imps will poof away systemic racism, top-down socioeconomic corruption and us-vs-them stupidity.

The phony left-right divide is just fuel to the flame.

There is only one true divide: that between those steering US society's ship and the worried souls waiting to reach their destination below deck.

When the ship clips that perilous iceberg the crew gravely underestimated, people can fight each other, assume a fetal position or join the sharks for a swim, but it'll still be a disaster.

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