The Glowsticks and Annet X Tell a Tale About "Lies"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Sharp, poppy production "Lies" leaves listeners longing for more.

It's a compelling combination of pop and R&B with pop rock filigree...

Fire... Spiral embers, lost and lurid.

Antagonistic... You are nothing she expected.

Cold and quiet and collected. Passing...

You rationalize emotion, lacking.


"...Baby, just look me in the eyes and lie to me."

Soulful singing meets a mouthful of spoken lyrics and a big, bright bundle of guitar strings in "Lies". This amazing amalgamation of styles and sounds suits the song's storyline like nothing else. Better yet, it's a duet.

"Lies" is a duet of another kind, beautifully melodic with breathless, anguished enunciation. By way of rapping and singing, a story is told. Brilliantly subdued is the intimacy of guitar, voices and beat.


Lyrically, lies are the prize here. A lover lost in illusion lets lies supplant reality and reality recede to mind's recesses. Lies, cold lies leave her wounded and wanting. Haunting...

This is prime pondering material, but it's also just a great track all around. Enjoy the sound and listen.

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