The Fireflys Assure Us "This House is Ours"

Odd Nugget Soc1-done

Porch-top pleasures and powerful memories unite in the Fireflys' "This House is Ours".

A harmonic homecoming riddled with folk rock feels...

Memories as messages float about in bottles.

Bottled up, emotions threaten to spill.

You can hear them calling over miles.

Open. Your heart is yearning to fill.


"Oh it's a beautiful life..."

Sweet shuffling rhythm rolls out an upbeat, spirited sound in "This House is Ours". More continuous in its approach than Matt Rouch and the Noise Upstairs, but mighty pleasant all the same.

Calming country character combines beautifully with more straight-ahead rock elements. Harmonica howls at wind, strings entangle other elements in melody and organ tones top the mix. Marvelous.

Lyrics allude to happy memories and a life lived in love. Family memories spring up without warning as you listen; appreciation of the little luxuries loving friends and such afford us... It's an exercise in adoration.

Liking this track is a lot like liking being alive. Just sit back a moment and enjoy the experience.

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