The Ferocious Bo-horse of China

Odd Nugget bo-horse

In China's age-old past, a great many curious creatures were encountered, documented and described in detail. Among these, a most uncommon variety of horse known as a "Bo" or "Bo-horse" was committed to lasting memory.

This fabled trotter was truly unique in its appearance. It is said to be a horse of bright white color with a jet black tail. From its face, a single horn protrudes and it walks on sharp claws in lieu of hooves.

In the treetops there are: The phoenix, peacock, simurgh, Leaping gibbon, and tree-jackal.

Beneath them there are:

The white tiger, black panther, The manyan and leopard cat.

- Excerpt from "Fu of Sir Vacuous", Sima Xiangru (c. 137 BC)

The Bo-horse's claws and teeth are described as resembling a tiger's - an interesting trait considering the creature's preferred foods...

More than anything, Bo-horses were known to love killing and eating grown tigers and leopards. Carnivorous unicorns that kill kitties for fun... Imagine riding something like that.

Chinese horse statue

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