The Egg Swim in "Deep Sea"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Slip into the blue in the Egg's new track, "Deep Sea."

Mellow, soothing synths over a bobbing back beat. We're in deep.

The Egg have captured our ears before, but this song sucks us in once again. A world of wonder tipped with nautical nuance and alien appeal, "Deep Sea" delivers.

Odd Nugget Socialu-done

Dark, blue, black, cool and submerged. Oily-slick. Whale skin slides against your fingertips.

The surface is a second sky; bright, distant, high.

Space on Earth. Open water is new terrain to you. Or is it?

Amphibian thoughts or remote ancestry. You miss your gills.

It's a song with no words, and words can't describe it. We'll try anyway. :)

Big, shimmering synths illuminate the upper strata of this track at its offset. All decked out in sonic light, the intro rolls into the body.

Deep, dark chill on low bubbles up into ambiance and atmosphere up top; all to a laid-back beat.

You're sure to decompress after a listen or to. The egg don't just show you "Deep Sea," you're invited to sink in. Listen. Swim. Enjoy.

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