The Egg Maintain That "The Sun is Flat"

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Illumination to a house beat, The Egg's "The Sun is Flat" will touch your brain.

This track's a journey to the center of the mind. It probes at consciousness with bristling pads and synths - traipsing the neocortex on paths of psychedelia.

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Skipping stones. On electric water. Dipping toes. Leave the shore.

You're up on the waves. You're down in the foam.

Skin to skeleton. Your bones wash ashore. A message to the rest. Come and swim.

Resplendent light-waves spark our eardrums in "The Sun is Flat's" intro, then cool into a shimmering, rumbling groove. Oh yes, you can step to this.

Touches of old-school funk and disco combine over a house beat, all doused in a heavy coat of warbling snaps and pops. Shakers come in as the beat shambles into a shuffle. Each portion of the song shifts smoothly to the next.

Odd Nugget Featured-done

Otherworldly effects surround us throughout the song. Reverberating keys stab at the edges of the mix and a cascade of digital notes careens from hissing heights to mid-lows. Stay afloat.

"The Sun is Flat" is everything psychedelia can be, with a modern touch. If you're primed for an interstellar journey, let the Egg guide you on the airwaves.

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