The Cheap Thrills' New Tune Will Make You "Smile When You Sleep"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

A five-foot solid wall of sound greets and excites your ears in the Cheap Thrills' "Smile When You Sleep".

This tune tramples silence in a hard-hitting harmonic blowout.

Chase down a sidewalk.

Grab a cab and companion. Crawl from the pub.

It's too late to be standing.

Odd Nugget Socia-hecho

"You know we like it better when it's dark..."

"Smile When You Sleep" slaps you silly with indie pop energy, then hangs you by your ankles over a piranha pool of punk power. Prepare to be swallowed by it.

A haste of heated drums brings buzzy guitars to a boil. The harmony swells to a wave, tidal. Keys punctuate it like foam at its crest. No crash, just a smooth, sweeping sound to soak you through.


Light thoughts on budding relationships and such set a carefree tone in "Smile When You Sleep". The feel is fun in its purest form - delight nearing delirium outright.

Press play a few times on this one before bed and you too might "Smile When You Sleep".

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