The Cat Empire's "Kila" Might Kila Man... Jaro Jaro

Odd Nugget Social-done

Aussie overtones over Latin sound language send the senses to a honey-glow horizon in the Cat Empire's new tune "Kila".

"Kila" won't kill, but bury you in sweltry sound and ringing rhythm.

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Candle-red... Darkness lit. You're a traveler.

Dusty stranger, step aside. You step.

Parade; a party passing through. You step in too.

A night so bright it might be day... You stay.

Odd Nugge-done

"We're gonna kila man... Jaro Jaro..."

As Summer slips under Fall's fallen leaves, the Cat Empire prolong the season in style. "Kila" is an anthem for undying revelry; a choral cry for more 'til kingdom come.

Poetic lyrics lace a lot of big band brilliance together in this track and the Cat Empire widen the realm of ska to include whatever they please, here placing plenty of Latin stylings in place.

Where this band truly shines is always in composition. Fans of the band quickly acknowledge their incomparable touch in tune-crafting - their sound is a hard one to place geographically, blended as it is with so many influences; it's its own thing.

In "Kila," a two-tap beat bangs about as backbone, probing piano chords provide the pulse and horns herald the chorus as synapses, brilliantly ablaze. It's great, full stuff.

All in all, "Kila" sounds like Summer standing in defiance of Fall. It's warm, lively and undeniably enjoyable to experience. Experience it for yourself.

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