The Brēth Air Purifier Poops Purity Into Your Nostrils

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Air is a precious resource these days. With the vast, invisible blanket of pollutants we're constantly chucking up into the ozone, our air supply isn't exactly the cleanest it's ever been.

The Brēth air purifier puts pollutants where they belong... In plants.

"[Brēth] not only tells you when it needs water but also cleans the air with the power of almost 200 plants!"

Yes, let us all pass the unseemly burden of burnt, ruined air onto plants. Don't worry! For them, it's merely fertilizer.


The Brēth purifier planter makes the process of dumping dirty air where your plants don't care an easy one. Outfitted with a grow light, water reservoir, control app and a super sleek design, your Brēth will look like something your future self would sit in a corner somewhere.

It's cool, ok? Just like the clean air it produces.

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