The Boozy Brewer's BEERMKR Will Fuel Your Drunkenness


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This Kickstarter creation puts the formidable power of beer production in the average mortal's ill-suited hands. Thanks to BEERMKR, the slippery slope from sober to slizzard has just gotten slipperier.

"BEERMKR is the world's first automatic beer brewing machine that anyone can use. It makes over a gallon of craft beer in a week's time."

Yes, that's correct. An ENTIRE GALLON of brew in a week. Because that's exactly how much you'll need as a budding alcoholic...


Look, this thing is cool. It can manage brewing and fermentation like a boss, going so far as to allow you full recipe customization on your countertop.

This baby is WIFI outfitted and fully controllable from your phone. Plus, it uses simple brew pouches that can be replaced and recycled; so there's no massive disinfecting protocol to follow. Add in the included CO2 dispenser, and you're literally all set for a serious hangover.


"BEERMKR uses the same yeast monitoring techniques and temperature management schedules as a commercial brewery. This produces flawless fermentations in a surprisingly short time frame."

Being able to brew 5 days worth of beer with 5 minutes of hands-on work might be a bit more than you can handle. With great power comes great responsibility, and with a great brewer comes great drunken beligerence. Don't brew yourself to a permanent bender.


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