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Undertale is one of the most unique video games ever created.

Besides totally subverting all of the usual roleplaying game expectations players are otherwise accustomed to, Undertale was also developed almost entirely by a single person!

Pretty nuts, really...

Why Undertale is So Special

frisk palace undertale

Those who have somehow avoided looking into this game so far may find it strange that something so apparently simple is held in such high regard.

After all, there are lots of games with similar artwork and minigame-based battle mechanics. What's the big deal about this one, right?

Well, as I mentioned above, the maker of Undertale (Toby Fox) subverted most of the core concepts of RPGs throughout the game.

sans heart fight undertale

He effectively flipped the genre on its head, turning what would normally be the right move (fighting enemies as they appear) into the wrong move altogether.

But, it goes deeper than that...

Throughout the game, you are given choices that drastically influence the outcome. There are multiple potential endings (all of which are way out of the ordinary for video games, in general) and replaying the game after you've played it a certain way does NOT give you a fresh start.

Characters in the game remember you and EVERYTHING you've done in past playthroughs. It's weird, unsettling and actually quite groundbreaking.

"Woah, woah, woah, I thought Undertale was a kids' game!"

undertale sans wounded

You and me both, pal. You and me both.

Undertale is a lot of things. As for age appropriateness, it's pretty much fine for kids 12 and above.

Younger children, on the other hand, might have a hard time dealing with some of the more harrowing and emotionally intense segments. However, the game's deep-rooted moral meaning is excellent and makes for an overwhelmingly positive influence for kids - so that's nothing to worry about.

undertale heart

Hard lines are drawn between good and evil in Undertale that even G-rated games might not be able to match. (I'm looking at you "comic mischief" ratings!)

For a story with a heart (pun oh so intended), you can't really go wrong with Undertale. It's a masterpiece.

But, speaking of masterpieces...

I've rooted for the finest Undertale-related artistic specimens the web has to offer to put the digital gallery below together for you.

Ok, fine... This is the best Undertale artwork that Deviantart.com has to offer, but that's close enough, ok?

They're all organized by character (no I didn't include EVERY character, sorry, maybe there can be a part 2?).

Click on the captions under any of the awesome Undertale images below to get to the original posts on Deviantart and be sure to support the artists!

Sans Art

Sans and Gaster by majumiSans and Gaster by majumi

This one would make a great Undertale wallpaper for diehard Sans fans. It also features one of the game's most mysterious figures - Gaster, the disembodied scientist.

Sans by TsaoShinSans by TsaoShin

I know this one's adorable, but the pun-monster within compells me to call it 'cool'.

Sans by NurinakiSans by Nurinaki

Eye don't know what it is about this one, but it kinda gives me the creeps.

sans frisk by CoffeeLSBsans frisk by CoffeeLSB

Sensing strong ship opportunities in this one...

Sans by HozureSans by Hozure

This is definitely sans on a bad day.

Sans - Undertale - You're gonna have a bad time! by WalkingMelonsAAASans - Undertale - You're gonna have a bad time! by WalkingMelonsAAA

Getting destroyed by Sans doesn't HAVE to be a bad time, though...

Papyrus Pics

Nyeh heh heh by Dettan-arts* Nyeh heh heh * by Dettan-arts

I like that I can see he's happy even though he's a skeleton.

Papyrus Spares You by TanzenkatPapyrus Spares You by Tanzenkat

This is what I'd imagine Undertale + Dark Souls would be like.

THE GREAT PAPYRUS!!! by WalkingMelonsTHE GREAT PAPYRUS!!! by WalkingMelons

Holding plates of spaghetti is always great in my book.

UNDERTALE papyrus genocide speedpaint by isabelFenixUNDERTALE papyrus genocide / speedpaint by isabelFenix

Comic relief aside, Papyrus is actually a pretty tough guy.

Papyrus Breaks the 4th Wall by OmegaSam7890Papyrus Breaks the 4th Wall by OmegaSam7890

Fourth walls, fourth windows... Papyrus just breaks stuff, mostly.

Underswap papyrus by KORHIPERUnderswap papyrus by KORHIPER

Papyrus was already cool and arguably didn't need to take up smoking, but this picture is great anyway.

Mettaton Masterpieces

Hello Darlings! by EtincelledHello Darlings! by Etincelled

Mettaton is the epitome of a diva.

Mettaton by Zv33Mettaton by Zv33

Both of Mettaton's forms are on full display here. I like that kind of thing.


Mettaton speaks in poses. *Strikes pose of approval*

Mettaton. by PeachemsMettaton. by Peachems

Everyone's favorite scientist Alphys becomes an unwilling part of her creation's show. Oh, Alphys...

Mettaton EX by Leda456Mettaton EX by Leda456

Woah, nelly... Mettaton meets the glamorous 80's here, I guess.

Mettaton Star of the UndergroundMettaton: Star of the Underground

Mettaton is the greatest rockstar the Underground ever had.

Toriel Tableaus

FallenDown by NightMarginFallenDown by NightMargin

Toriel is such a hugger.

Undertale by deeumUndertale by deeum

She looks so anguished. Sad face, y'all. Sad face.

Undertale by ToqaKrachyUndertale by ToqaKrachy


Toriel's Pie Undertale by CatCouchToriel's Pie (Undertale) by CatCouch

I sense... Inuendo? Please, no.

Undertales Toriel by SupaCrikeyDaveUndertale's Toriel by SupaCrikeyDave

She really doesn't want to fight, you know?

Toriel and Frisk by bluekomadoriToriel and Frisk by bluekomadori

Toriel is the last word in cozy comfort.

Flowey Fan-Art

Flowey Undertale by MusicalCombuskenFlowey - Undertale by MusicalCombusken

Flowey's such a nice guy ain't he?

Undertale by MonotoneInkwellUndertale. by MonotoneInkwell

The art style here complements the characters like, um, something that complements something really well.

Flowey by ZareidyFlowey by Zareidy

This might be the best plush ever made. Also, the creepiest...

Flowey Undertale by ichimoralFlowey - Undertale by ichimoral

I know the last one was creepy, but... This one is also creepy.

Flowey by MeL0-MeLFlowey by MeL0-MeL

This is the flowey the world needs right now.

Flowey - Kill or be Killed by WalkingMelonsAAAFlowey - Kill or be Killed by WalkingMelonsAAA

He's just trying to teach us not to talk to strangers. A permanent lesson...

Show the artists who created the stellar artwork featured above some love.

Make it a real-life pacifist run. :)

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