Odd Nugget Social-done

Deceptively simple caricatures dance in calm colors in many of the late Will Barnet’s lovely post-70’s era paintings.

His incredible artwork spans all the major trends of the eras he personally experienced.

80s 2cd0554c76dabcf6abf4470e03110194–will-barnet-neck-stretches-done

In the 30’s, Will painted in the style of social realism. Somewhat grim portraits portrayed the prevailing disposition of the day. Faces hung solemn in apparent gloom, their life energy dowsed in a dim palette.

However, by the time the 40’s set in, Barnet was into Modernism and his art soon took the movement’s likeness. He stepped into the style of Indian Space art with deliberate, thought-provoking work.

30s index-done

“Painting is almost like a religious experience, which should go on and on…” – Will Barnet

The 50’s brought out the abstract expressionist in Barnet. He experimented with form and thought in a number of new ways during this period – settling from formlessness to elegant simplicity in the 60’s.

40s janus and the white vertebra-done

Will’s famous refined style came together in the 70’s, when he put all of his previous influences to work together in his art. All the way up to the age of 101, he continued painting his lovely masterpieces. He couldn’t help but keep creating…



80s Marthaandtwocats_may91-299×350-done


30s will-barnet_three-generations-done

50’s barnet1-done

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