The Art of Sir Antony Gormley


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British sculptor, Sir Antony Gormley stands as a major influencer in British culture thanks to his large-scale sculptural installations.

In treating the human form as a place of its own, Gormley attempts to depict real bodies in motion through much of his work.

"Art is the means by which we communicate what it feels like to be alive..." - Antony Gormley

Gormley's work explores variances in perspective. His many installations appear to be taking in the world around them just as much as they are influencing it.


"I feel somewhat uncomfortable describing my work because I want it to be free to be experienced freely." - Sir Antony Gormley

Many of Gormley's installations take the shape of human figures posed in neutral stances and gazing out at the world. The artist's own body often serves as the basis of his metal casts.


His more recent creations tend towards cubism. Figures composed of cubes and rectangles explore their environment or simply exist in it - alluding to life's transient material nature.

If nothing else, Sir Antony's work inspires one to contemplate existence from a calm, simplistic perspective. To think about thought, perhaps...


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