The Art of Jo Baer

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Minimalist and figural artist Jo Baer boasts of a long, productive career in visual art with enough fascinating paintings and prints to last a lifetime.

This artist hit her stride in the arts throughout the 60's and 70's, producing a wealth of intriguing pieces with hard edges. In addition to these, Jo also produced diptychs and triptychs - conjoined works of art hinged together in two and three parts respectively as a single viewing experience.

Jo Baer The Sardana Becomes Infernal

Baer built on her singular style of minimalism by emphasizing the appreciation of light in her work. Then, in '75, she fell out of love with the style, taking up what she termed as 'radical figuration' in its stead.

Jo Baer  At the Back of the North Wind

Jo's 'radical figuration' approach to art blends linework, color and text to layered, interpretive visuals.

Jo Baer destroyed painting

In her newer paintings, Baer pairs objects and techniques with calculated precision, often preserving white space in chunks as scenic contrast.

Jo Baer Fake Still

Religious and sexual undertones besiege the senses in this creator's carefully constructed imagery.

Jo Baer destroyed painting

Jo Baer's art provides quite a lot to ponder - stuffed with enigmatic details and veiled intentions, each image breathes a living tale that screams for unraveling.

Jo Baer In the Land of the GiantsJo Baer Horse Headed SceptreJo Baer Heraldry IJo Baer Inverted View

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