The Aquaponics EcoGarden on Kickstarter

Odd Nugget Social-done

Get into gardening and give your fish a clean tank to swim in with the "EcoGarden".

Automatic watering for your plants and feeding for your fish combine in this clever take on aquaponics.

"The ultimate self-sustaining and resource efficient ecosystem where plants and fish live in symbiosis."

Through aquaponics, your plants are fed plenty of nutrients from fish waste while your fish benefit from a root-filtered, clean swimming environment. It's an ancient technique, but the EcoGarden take on it is modern as chrome.


This novel system gives you everything you need to create one of nature's finest feedback loops, and reap tasty rewards from it too. It's all automated and/or app controllable/monitorable, so no fuss and a lot of fun.


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