The APX Ensure All You "Can't Stop Us Now" in Funky New Tune

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Funk to the nth and feel, for real... The APX blindside your senses with a soulful smorgasbord of sound in "Can't Stop Us Now".

This is all the dance floor fire you'll ever need wrapped up in a single song.

Go test the limits.

United by one desire...

So cool, you're on fire

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"We won't hesitate. Promise you won't see no brake lights..."

The APX find a fresh perspective for sumptuous soul in "Can't Stop Us Now".

Bass bubbles with upbeat effervescence as this song opens up. A stomp and clap beat smacks of 80's retro-brilliance, while sparkling effects flutter, harp-like and happy in the upper spectrum. Sweetest vocals spell out a cause for celebration - that the beat goes on, unimpeded.


The APX don't go easy on the groove in "Can't Stop Us Now," replicating with modern splendor all of the pull and appeal of classic funk. No point fighting the feeling, nothing can stop them.

"Can't Stop Us Now" is but the first stop on a superbly satisfying journey of soul in the APX's new album release, "Amplified Experiment". If you're up to boogie down, press play on the album below and go.

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