The Afro Nick's Fresh New Track is Best Had "Before Noon"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Brooding bass-led drama drenches the synapses in the Afro Nick's "Before Noon".

Scruffy riffs and gritty rhythm reverberate in unison under tortured thoughts as the Afro Nick attacks airwaves in every direction.

No way to get out...

No hope for escape... You're hurt and alone, but...

In an instant, you're saved.

Odd Nugget soc-hecho

"And all you have to do is get there before noon..."

The Afro Nick unleashes fuzzy waves of sound in "Before Noon," playing on a surreal sense of subtlety with overt antics.

Effect-laiden vocals whip and wind around a wealth of sounds, unbound. Guitars whine and whistle, lost and again found. Tones splash up against cascading cymbals, spraying melodic froth in a frenzy.

Don’t Waste My Time – The Afro Nick-hecho

The Afro Nick maintains his trippy sonic mainstay, imparting modern flair over retro psych vibes. "Before Noon" brings out a darker tinge of his take on the sound; it's angsty and mad with melancholy. Redemption put to tune...

Tune in if you're up for tasty licks over tempestuous pontification. If not, tune in anyway. Press the button below.

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