Odd Nugget Social-done

Psycho-seduction and radio squeal make it real in the Afro Nick’s new tune “Don’t Waste My Time”.

With unabashed verve, the AN squeeze jam band juice all over the spectrum.

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Running on rings round a planet, cold.

Space is a freeze of the heart, you’re told.

Sold and enslaved to a place out of sight…

You’re right. They’re wrong. She’s warm night after night.


“I’m here just, just for one night.”

With a heaping helping of the psychedelic swing that so defines their sound, the Afro Nick grind guitars like gears over a glowing-hot groove. This time, though, there’s a hint of subtlety to their tone that takes a simple song over the edge to elegant excellence.

In “Don’t Waste My Time” the live, stage-side feel rings plain and powerful, persuading you to pass into its dimension. Touches of outside influence seem to sift into this track; Queens of the Stone Age enter the open instrumentals and the Doors materialize in moments of enmeshed vocal and instrument synchronicity.

Sweeping clean over you like a cloud of cosmic dust, “Don’t Waste My Time” folds time in wrinkles, seeming somehow shorter than its roughly 3-minute play time. Guess it warrants a replay, eh? Have a listen today.

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