The Afro Nick Gives "You" a Kick

Odd Nugget Social-done

Droning and groaning with sawtooth psychedelia, the Afro Nick's track "You" is yummy stuff.

Guitar-driven sonic pandemonium fades in and out over harmonic ecstasy...

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Colored air and haptic sound...
All around you, bare and barren ground...

Not a soul to be found...

Caught between dreams, you're just drifting around.

"All my senses hit the red light..."

Disorienting, delightfully disorienting... The Afro Nick has hit on a great driving groove in "You". It waves. It broods. It's real good.

A less intense dose of Sleep riffing and rebounding guitar grumbles give "You" a heavy tone, mellowed by fluid solos.

Vocals drag on, expanding through time like a mind in mid-meditation. It's hard not to tag along. Along for the ride we are.

The interplay of jagged square signals on ricocheting rounded curves is a truly satisfying sonic spectacle. It sounds a lot like space and time fist-bumping forever.

Rock and Psychedelic song lovers ought to try a slice of this track. "You" will become your new fave for sure. Stay a while and listen.

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