The Afro Nick Can't Help But "Dream Big" in Gritty New Jam

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Fuzzy, bass-heavy sludge-rock floods your ears in the Afro Nick's "Dream Big".

A deep and weighty mood made into music, this track speaks up on shooting for the stars as an auditory juxtaposition to remember.

Only in the dark...

Does the light seem so blinding.

The sun keeps shining.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"Dream big until it's real..."

The Afro Nick can't stop and won't stop redefining the psych-rock aesthetic, this time delving into the dark space of lethargic doom tones with uncanny positivity throughout "Dream Big".

Drums fall from sky heights across a super-charged bass line. Synths and keys keep to the sides, lining soft guitar-born sound-sparks in echoing space. A choral chant shakes through sonic fog with layered effervescence, multiplying otherwise intimate vocals to infinity.


"Dream Big" is inspiration decked in gritty tones. Amid the world's smarmy morass of misplaced focus, the message rings true - dream and keep the faith to move forward.

This song is cool stuff all around. Poignancy and power put to tune, "Dream Big" makes grungy fuzz feel smooth and mounting odds feel minuscule. Press play and dive in.

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