The 360LOCK Brings Blockchain to Your Belongings

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Locks. They're simple tools. Too simple! The 360LOCK creatively complicates the otherwise simple process of locking things with smarts and modular design.

"You can use it as a standard padlock or you can plug our accessories: for locking your bike or keep your small objects safe!"

Where 360LOCK complicates matters, it also makes them more convenient. Instead of unlocking it with dumb old stupid keys like a derpy regular lock, this lock accepts RFID/NFC tags and wristbands like a boss. It's a boss lock for digital royalty.


You can also control it from a dedicated app and check detailed logs of its use. In case you tend to forget when, how and where you last locked something, you can keep track of it. Sharing access is as easy as trusting your friend's really the one asking you to remotely unlock it, and they aren't hogtied in a trunk somewhere.

To boot, this lock's security is handled on the Ethereum blockchain, making it far too confusing for hackers to bother with. Who even wants your bike that badly anyway?


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