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Wizard tales that take you to places as weird as the ones below do are nigh on impossible not to look at. Go on - you know you want to...

The Reluctant Queen

Adrian grabbed my chin, his eyes suddenly dark.

I felt a little bit of satisfaction, if only for a moment.

You are mine, Sophia.

Nothing, not a petty crush or your stubbornness, is going to change that." He rubbed my lower lip with his thumb.

Everything you once believed to be yours is mine now.

Your heart, your body and soul all belong to me.

I have you for the rest of your days.

We will marry, have children and rule the empire I created together.

Do you want to know how I know this? Because you can't refuse me." ............

Sophia is your ordinary high school senior, trying to change her life for the better through her music.

She has no idea that her world is about to change.

Confronted by a young wizard named Louis, she is taken out of her bleak world and thrown into a magical kingdom where she is forced to fight for her own heart.

The King of Kilader has had Sophia in his sights for months, and now that she is in his kingdom he will do anything to make her his own.

With Louis by her side, Sophia tries to find a way to change her fate, only to find love in an unexpected place.

Will she be able to escape the grasp of the ruthless King? Or will she be forced to leave the first love she has ever known? One thing is for sure, her heart is no longer her own.

The Reluctant Queen on Wattpad

Capable of only using healing magicks, I was constantly ridiculed and attacked by the more powerful wizards of my academy.

The harassment stopped -suddenly- when a fellow student was found dead from internal bleeding, with multiple shards of glass embedded into his kidneys and diaphragm, without any clear indication of how they got there.

Posted on Reddit by HorrorInTwo.

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Once an evil wizard bet that he could wipe the entire Earth population within two weeks.

He won the bet by making mourning lethal.

Posted on Reddit by levee6reaks.

The Hunter that turned out to be Wizard-ish

This is the second book thats part of the Ish Series, and I strongly suggest that you should read the first one, for you to be able to relate with the context of this book.

The first book is entitled, The Nerd that turned out to be Vampire-ish.

Continuing to where the story left on the first book where Victoria bid farewell to Tristan, she is now currently living in the castle her father, Sevyr, had mentioned.

Even though she went to a new place and living the new life, problems and thrills tend to follow her wherever she may be.

Shes now haunted by mysterious pursuers, whos probably the same people behind the murder of the queen, her grandmother.

Victoria is now facing a new type of race, or should I say enemy the witches and wizards of their realm.

Copyright 2015 Vida Fernandez.

All Rights Reserved.

UNEDITED VERSION] Highest Rank: 400 Nov.

14, 2015

The Hunter that turned out to be Wizard-ish on Wattpad


I saw aliens in Moab utah on a big hill in a valley and it was night time but saw it through my binoculars. I took a video but its from far away and the quality isnt great. Any video editing wizards out there that can try to clear it up???

Posted on Reddit by BraySriot.

I watched wizards of waverly place in 2002

It was the episode where they enter into a horror movie and are in a sorrority house. I remember watching it when I was on a holiday with my parents at the Gold Coast and I watched the episode with my mum. I saw the episode again about 6 years later and everything was the same but it wasn't until after seeing it again that I found out the show didn't premiere until 2007.

Posted on Reddit by ellenlaura.

The Witching Hour

Braelynn Vox is your average teenage girl, but oh yeah she can talk to spirits.

Sounds super cool right? Wrong turns out when you can talk to spirts they expect you to solve their problems.

And guess what they got a big problem coming and he's name is James Patrick.

Will Braelynn be able to help save her friends or will they all suffer a grim fate.

IG:prince.chell If you are enjoying, please consider giving a vote

The Witching Hour on Wattpad

"okay, if you say so" the wizard said followed by a puff

"i said remove my boner! not my bones!" i said while turning into a blob

Posted on Reddit by JazzlikeFigure.

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