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Ice cream truck drivers must be really mentally tough if other people have been tortured by someone playing them the same song over and over again for hours a day.

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Only someone who loves getting spooked will find the following truck driver stories and books more fun than freaky. What do you think?

Semi-Truck Glitch

This happened about a year ago. I was on the city bus early in the morning. The bus had reached an intersection where there was a Flying J; which is a popular stop for cross-country truck drivers. As we approached the intersection and stopped at a red light, my window faced the truck stop, and I payed close attention to one particular, all white, rather bland looking truck as it left the stop. It accelerated and went down the main road. But something really... weird happened. The truck kinda stalled out of no where. Like it just halted. It wasn't like time halted though, all of the other cars were speeding along, but the semi-truck was quite literally frozen. Then it accelerated again but appeared hundreds of feet ahead of where it stopped if that makes sense at all. This happened probably 3 times. It was kind of like a poor video game where the cars would glitch, and stop, but then appear farther away than it should have if it were to accelerate again from the point it stopped. I'm not sure if this makes sense, but I'm trying to describe it the best I can. I remember clearly that I was very awake and alert that day. I took no alcohol or medications. Sometimes I wonder if that was a dream. If so, I'm still stuck in it... as I have not waken up.

Posted on Reddit by akwah31.

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Early morning inventory

First post on reddit, let's go!

I should start by saying that while I do believe in ghosts and the paranormal, I believe there are plenty of things that can be explained once you take a step back and think worth a clear mind. With that being said, there is no logical explanation that I can think of for this story.

This story takes place at my old job, which is a restaurantbarevent hall on a military base. I was there for 8 years, starting off as a dishwasher and made my way up to an admin. The building was originally built like in the 80's, but they built on from it, to the point is hilariously noticeable from the inside if you know what you're looking at.

Now, over those 8 years, we've had plenty of employees and customers talk about how weird things happen in the old part of the building, but nothing too crazy, like things moving slightly on their own that made you think that maybe the AC was hitting it or feeling like someone was right behind you with how steps sounded.

I've had smaller moments like that during my time there, nothing to crazy. Though before this incident, I thought it was just in my head or something else, I realized very intensely that I was wrong one day.

It was stupid early in the morning, going in at like 4, cols, and I was in the building alone. It was the end of the month, so it was inventory time. We also had a delivery coming in at around 6, though they have been known to show up earlier. I started inventory the day before, but my manager and I figured that I could come in early, finish up inventory, put up the image, and I could go home early. That was a deal to me because it was Tuesday, I was off Wednesday, and Thursday and Friday were holidays, so we were closed.

I had all the doors open from where we stored our liquor, the old side of the building, all the way to the loading dock, on the other side of the building in the newer half. I did this so should the driver arrive early, he would be able to find his way to me. It takes roughly less than 2 minutes to walk from the loading dock to the liquor room, if you walk at a casual pace with all the turns you take to move around. I had my music blaring inside the liquor room (which was a freezer room they used in the old building), which echoed inside the room.

As I was counting, I heard a man's voice clearly say "Hello?"

I had been there for roughly an hour, so I thought it was the delivery truck driver who was looking for me. I answered back and walked out, looking for the driver.

Except when I searched around, not only was there no delivery truck, I was still the only person there. Now you would be thinking that it must have been the music I listened to, but I was listening to some game's instrumental soundtrack, so that couldn't be it. Shaking my head, thinking I was hearing things, I just went back to count. What happened next was the first time I experienced this sense of primal fear.

The room got real cold, even in the thick jacket I wore and I was filled with a feeling of unease. Suddenly the sound of boots stomping down hard in the wooden flooring came from down the hall way and came towards me. It was at this fast walking pace and with a sense of purpose. I made some sort of noise as I just ducked deeper into the room, pressing against a wall. I raised a leg up and covered upper body with my arms as if that would do something, as those footsteps reached the door of the room and stopped.

It was still cold, but once I saw that nothing was there, I bolted out the room and to my car, waiting for the next person to show up.

Eventually my manager showed up and I tell her the story. She knew that I was pretty hard to startle, even with employees sneaking up on me, so when she saw the fear I had, she believed me. Plus side is that after that, no one was allowed to be in the building alone during early morning or late night.

Cut to my 7th year there and the newest manager coming in. We go to the old side of the building, talking about a bunch of things with another coworker. In the middle of the talk she stops, looks of to the side, and says "... this buildings haunted, isn't it?". No one told her a thing about the ghosts of the weird things that have happened there.

Needless to say, I'm glad I'm not in that building anymore.

Posted on Reddit by GrandpaCrow.

I heard this already

Hi. I'm relatively new. I posted this story in one of the glitch sections because I thought it's what it was, but idk.

There is a talk show that I like to listen to. I am a truck driver so it passes the time. They have a call in listen line. Basically it's a phone number you call and you can listen to it for free. This night I only listened for like 5 or so minutes. He was talking about some bad or not so good angel by name. Then duty got in the way and I hung up. Days later I called without checking the title. At first I wasn't following until he started back up at the spot from days before. I realized it was a rerun. So I went on fb to see what it was. I mentioned it being a rerun. they said it wasn't. I said the show on the phone is. They assured me that it was all knew. So told the one one about that angel. They said yes brand new. I was puzzled. I head it already. even the little joke that was made after mentioning something about what the angel does. The laugh. all of it. I heard it days prior. sounded like a rerun, but it was a brand new live show.

Posted on Reddit by ClothesCheap5528.

Unexpected encounter on the road

So, I'm an OTR truck driver which means that I drive across the country multiple times in a month long period. I'd like to share a story with you.

On a dark July night around 2am I was headed south on US93 highway in Nevada. Approximately 30 miles north off of Las Vegas. Traffic was scarce. I haven't seen a single vehicle for the last 40 minutes at least. The only source of light that illuminated the road were the truck headlights.

I was on a phone with a friend of mine just chatting about random stuff, when in a distance, about 300 feet ahead of me I saw something on the shoulder of the road. At first I thought it might've been a turned over construction sign or a bag of some sort. But as I was approaching the object I started to make out some features. A human-like figure I thought. (Just to be clear that area is deserted and there's absolutely nothing to be found within a 25 mile radius). When I was about 5 yards away I could see it clearly. It was a boy. 8 - 10 years old I would say. With a school backpack and white plush bunny in his right arm held tightly against his chest.

He was just standing there with his cold stare completely unemotional. Looking me directly in the eyes. He hasn't broken a stare as I passed him. He hasn't even blinked or flinched. And let me remind you, that it's an 80 000 pound semi truck moving at 65 miles an hour. It's virtually impossible not to react to it driving passed you about a yard away.

My heart was racing. My whole body was covered in goosebumps. A cold chill went down my spine. I don't think I have ever been so disturbed in my life since I've never had any paranormal encounters.

Once I passed him, first thing that came to my mind was that if I see him appear again couple of miles ahead I'm gonna have a heart attack. But... it never happened. The rest of the trip was uneventful.

I still don't know what it was. I'm not trying to claim that it was a ghost or a spirit of a deceased child. I just can't find any adequate explanation to it. It was definitely not a hallucination since I was wide awake and talking on the phone. It just seems weird to me, what in a world was a 10 year old kid doing by himself in the middle of a desert?

Just want to say that the story is not made up. I experienced it myself in July this year. Please, let me know if you've ever been around that area and seen something similar.


Posted on Reddit by hi_karrusprimo.

I Used to Live in a Haunted House

When I was a kid, me and my family used to live in what I believe, a Haunted House, in the Philippines. It was an old house that my uncle let us used, as we didn't have a house before. I haven't experienced any paranormal events in that house, except the one where I seen my grandpa, who passed away a few weeks earlier. I got so scared that I have to cover my face with a blanket, and when I looked again, he was gone. The next I got really sick.

My aunt, who is my dad's youngest sister, also used to stay with us for a few days, along with some of my cousins. My mom is working in Malaysia at that time and my Dad was a truck driver, who travels a lot to deliver bags of rice. So, one night, when my aunt stayed with me and my brother at the house, she woke up in the middle of the night, and saw a lady dressed in white, standing in front of the mirror, humming while brushing her hair. My aunt said she tried to scream, but nothing came out of her mouth and we she tried to moved, she couldn't do that either. She said it lasted for a few minutes and she swore at that time, that yes, the house that we lived in was a Haunted House.

The worst thing that probably happened there was with my dad. I believe my dad's "third eye" is open. He is the one that taught me to not be afraid of ghosts, but to be afraid with humans because, ghosts can't hurt you, but humans can. Me, my dad, and I, used to sleep together in the living room. We were kids then, and we are close to my dad. My dad would tell us there's always this one lady dressed in white, sitting on one of the chairs, humming, and he thinks, he guides us at night.

One late night, when my dad was coming back from work, he was dropped off by a coworker using the company's truck, something went wrong with the truck. I am not sure what was wrong with the truck, but for some reasons, they needed a stick to fix it (this was year 1993 guys). There was a small acacia tree in front of the haunted house so my dad decided to break a branch from there. And as soon as the branch break, a lady dressed in black, with boils all over her face, appeared in front of him. My dad got scared that he dropped the branch and went back inside the truck with his coworker.

The next day, my dad, got really sick. And a few days later, I was told, that I got real sick as well. We were so sick, they had to rush us in the Emergency to see what's wrong with us. My family said, I almost died. I forgot what the diagnose was, but my family said I had a high fever and my eyes started to roll uncontrollably. My dad stand with his word about that story and I do believe that he sees things some people doesn't see.

My brother claimed, he saw a floating head one night but I don't know about that. lol

Anyways, I am not sure who the lady dressed in white was, or what was her relation to us, because why does she sits on a chair and watch us sleep. Also, I don't know what happened the night my dad saw the lady with boils on her face, but my dad, stopped bothering that tree for a long time, until we moved out of the house. Still not sure, if that lady also has to do anything with me almost dying, But, I think I don't want to know.

P.S. Sorry about the grammatical errors, English is my second language.

UPDATE: I just asked my dad what else he seen in the haunted house. He said in the backyard, he seen another white lady that he almost bumped into, he said the lady was walking fast. Another one was, near the house this time he said it was a priest. His friend who saw the priest got sick the next day.

Also, take note that Philippines was colonized by Spanish, Chinese, Americans, and Japanese. I think some of the ghosts were part of a war then or something.

Posted on Reddit by Whale52H.

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