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Your baby teeth are out there somewhere... The tooth fairy just moved them from your house to her own.

As an aside...

Reading super weird house stories and books won't make you any weirder. At least, i don't think it will...

Hailey The NoEnd House

Hailey Stewart lived a fairly normal life.

Well, as normal a life as you could live, being a social outcast and all.

Being constantly sought out by bullies, and having only two other friends - One of them a super nerd and the other an over sensitive baby - Hailey didn't necessarily have things cut out for her.

She'd lived a hard life.

She couldn't afford to be weak since her father left, for reasons she wouldn't speak of.

To everyone else she always seemed to be so confident and so kept together.

And she was.

Maybe that was why she was bullied.

But one day, her friends bring her to The NoEnd House and tell her the terrible, mysterious story behind it.

How people have gone in there and never came back.

How the one man that made it out lost his mind.

Hailey was never the type to believe in such nonsense though.

She becomes fed up with her friends' stupidity and decides to go in to prove them (and everyone else) wrong.

What she doesn't know though, is that her friends were right and she'll be the luckiest girl alive if she can just escape.

But she'll have to kiss sanity goodbye.

Based on the Creepypasta story: "The NoEnd House" Now before we begin, answer me a question.


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Recently, I've noticed that my usual afternoon naps always resulted in me waking up in random places of my house, so I've decided to record myself sleeping.

Right after waking up in the attic, I rushed to my cellphone, just to watch myself wake up in the couch on the recording.

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Our bizarre experiences with the forest behind our house eventually forced us to move out.

I was 8 years old when we first moved into the house on the edge of the forest. My parents had their doubts about buying a house with a backyard bordered by forest, they had concerns about wild animals getting into our bins or hurting our dogs, and were worried one of us might go too far into the trees and get lost. But it was cheap, my dad liked the seclusion, my mom loved the house itself, and my siblings and I were excited about playing in the backyard and exploring the forest.

Our first sign that something wasn't right was that our dogs were absolutely terrified of the forest. They never went into the forest for any reason. If a toy they'd been playing with found its way past the treeline, they would refuse to retrieve it, and when one of us went in they would pace anxiously until we returned. On occasion we'd notice the dogs staring at a spot in the forest in obvious distress, sometimes growling or barking, but we could never see anything there. My brother once carried one of the dogs into the trees to show her there was nothing scary about it, but she wriggled out of his grip and sprinted into the house in a panic.

If we were in the backyard when it was getting dark, we sometimes heard noises like someone was walking through the forest, sticks crunching underfoot, branches being pushed aside. If we called out there was no response, but if we shined a flashlight around we would occasionally catch a glimpse for just a split second of something that we could swear looked like a person walking around in the dark. My parents quickly banned us from entering the forest at all after dark, and even during the day we weren't allowed to go out of sight of the house.

My sister's bedroom window looked out at the backyard and the forest beyond, and she remembers looking out her window one night and seeing a shadowy figure standing right at the edge of the backyard. She says there was something wrong with it. Like it wasn't quite standing on the ground, and it was a little too tall to be a person, and it was sort of distorted. And she was convinced it was staring at her. She called for our dad, saying there was a man in the yard staring through her window, and when he ran outside to chase off whoever it was, she continued to watch the figure. It didn't move away, but when the light from our dad's flashlight passed over it, it suddenly just wasn't there anymore.

We regularly heard knocking at the back door at night, with no one there. Our parents thought it was teenagers playing pranks, and stopped bothering even opening the door, until one rainy night when the knocking was persistent and agitated. My mom pointed out there might be someone needing shelter from the heavy rain outside, but when she opened the door, not only was there no one there, but there were no wet footprints on the porch. The knocking continued the whole time we lived there, it would happen several times in the span of a few weeks, then stop for months, then start up again. My parents eventually installed a security camera, and there was never anyone at the door.

The camera wasn't all useless though. About three years into living there, my brother started having night terrors and sleepwalking. When he went sleepwalking, he would always go out the back door and start walking towards the forest. My mom, being a light sleeper, would hear the door open, and would run out to get him before he made it into the forest. After the third or fourth time it happened, my brother asked to see the camera footage, because he wanted to see how he looked when sleepwalking, I guess thinking it'd look funny. The footage showed him walking out onto the porch, then pausing as if listening to something, and shaking his head, then reluctantly walking forward as if being pulled or forcefully guided by something.

One evening my dad was in the backyard, and he heard my sister calling him from the forest, seemingly in distress. Thinking she'd gone exploring in the forest and fallen over and hurt herself, he ran in and started calling to her, but quickly realized it was too dark to see her, and he couldn't pinpoint where her voice was coming from. He told her to wait where she was while he grabbed a flashlight. When he ran back into the house for the flashlight, he saw my sister inside, safe and completely unconcerned.

At the time my dad hadn't told us about hearing my sister's voice in the forest, so when I heard my mom's voice coming from the forest months later while I was outside with the dogs one evening, I didn't question it despite the fact I'd seen my mom inside recently and hadn't noticed her walk past me. My mom was calling to me, saying she'd gotten her sweater caught in some branches and needed me to come in and help her. As I walked in, the dogs started barking, alerting my dad, who saw me through the window wandering into the forest. He came outside and called to me, and I said I was just helping mom. He yelled back that mom was inside and I needed to run back to the house as fast as I could, which I did.

After this, my parents had a fence built around the backyard, and started looking for a new place. In the time between the fence being built and us moving out, it got way worse. We'd hear knocking at the door more regularly, as well as tapping on the windows, as if someone was walking the perimeter of the house and trying every window. We would often hear scratching and scraping sounds on the fence, and voices beyond it. My brother's night terrors got more frequent, and one night my mom didn't hear the door open when he went sleepwalking, and he woke up standing at the fence, staring into the forest, with the dogs barking at him. The last morning we spent there, less than four years after we moved in, we woke up to find the back door fully open, and the security camera footage showed it slowly swing open on its own.

Since moving out, my brother's sleepwalking has stopped, though he still gets night terrors and he suffers from pretty severe anxiety. A few nights ago, he called me out of the blue, and after a bit of small talk he asked me if I think the door being opened that final night means whatever was out there finally got in. He was trying to make light of it, saying he was getting into the spirit of Halloween, joking about how maybe we should all get exorcised just in case something latched onto us all those years ago. But I think he's deeply bothered by everything that happened. I know I still am a little, I still get nervous around dark wooded areas. I don't know what I think was out there, in the forest behind our house at night. But I get the feeling that, given the chance, it would have swallowed us whole.

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Up on the House Top, Reindeer Paws

Pitch-black eyes and bloodstained jaws.

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I think the house I babysit is haunted

I hate reading super lengthy stories with a million different additional details that are supposed to create atmosphere, but actually just detract from whats being said, so Im gonna try and be as brief, and straight to the point as possible.

So, the parents were going to a party and were supposed to be home 9ish, but rang me saying that they wouldnt be back until midnight, so it was my job to put the kids to bed, which I had no problem with (they are the SWEETEST, most well-behaved kids Ive ever met). It got to 9:30, and the kids brushed their teeth, got their books, and went to bed. I tidied up, sat down, did a little homework (Im 17), and then facetimed my friend. This is a religious family, and there are crosses on some of their walls. I heard what sounded like someone knocking on the front door, but it was about 10:15, and the parents usually message me when theyre almost home, and of course they have KEYS, so I automatically suspected it wasnt them I checked, and there was nobody at the door, so I just sat back down on the couch, and got carried away talking to my friend again then, the same knocking (literally knock, knock, knock). They have guinea pigs, and I started to suspect it was those guys nibbling on the cage or #&@$ing around, so I went and checked, but they were in their little home thing - I still believed it was them, but as I was leaving the room I saw the wooden cross that was nailed at its head on the wall, lift from the bottom and drop three times; knock, knock, knock as though some force was lifting the bottom half that wasnt nailed and dropping it, like a door knocker I just froze, and my friend was like What? What? What? I tip-toe-ran back into the living room I dont know what the #&@$ caused that. I started to think maybe it was one of the kids jumping from upstairs, causing the walls to shake, but the cross is on the wall between the kitchendining room, and directly above was the parents room and the bathroom, so unless they were in their parents room or the bathroom jumping up and down in threes, it doesnt really make sense. Plus, I was almost adamant they were asleep.

Perhaps coincidentally - the homework I was doing was philosophy, which can often be very anti-religion, anti-god - in fact - I was actually writing an answer to the question, is the western idea of God illogical? probably not the most respectful homework to do in the house of religious people, BUT hey maybe that was God showing me hes real or maybe not

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My Old House Was Haunted, And The Cats Tried to Tell Us

I was inspired to recount this after reading another post on rParanormal that referred to cats as spirit protectors. Id never heard that before, and it sent chills down my spine. I always knew my old house was haunted, but the story got much creeper after reading that. So here we go.

My wife and I were living in an apartment, and my great aunt was looking to sell her home. The house was built in the 50s and needed some work, and my Aunt didnt feel like taking care of it, so she suggested she take the apartment and we buy the house. It was 2005, and the market was going NUTS, so it worked out for everyone: we got a fixer-upper for a fair price and she got an apartment without the hassle.

The house was always full of people. We had friends live with us for a while, then my brother, then we had kids. And when we first moved, we had two cats. Not long after the move, our younger cat got very, VERY ornery. He was constantly hissing, refused to use the litter box, scratching at everyone. That was NOT him, though. In the apartment, he would cuddle on the back of my neck while I watched TV and purred constantly. I didnt even know he COULD hiss until we moved. So after ruining our second load of laundry by urinating in it, we decided maybe he just needed to stretch his legs and explore outside. The very first night we let him out, he failed to come back in. We shook treats, put out food, nothing. By 10pm I went out to look for him. My heart broke when I found him just outside the window of a spare room, no signs of trauma. Justdead. I sadly buried the cat by an old tree, feeling totally guilty that I didnt do more for him. I feel even worse now after reading the aforementioned Paranormal post.

After the cat passed I started sleep-walking, actually opened up the basement door and fell down a flight of stairs. That sucked. Tried walking out of the house in the middle of a New England winter (and was luckily stopped by my wife). Every once in a while Id get creeped, or hear a strange sound, but it was nothing really noteworthy and could be explained as someone else making noise.

My wife would hear voices. My son, who was 2 or 3 at the time and has 2 older siblings, started waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning crying. It should be noted that his bedroom was the old spare - the one with the window I found my cat under. Our other cat would go into his room and stare at the top corner of his wall. The dogs would growl outside the door, but not enter. All pretty explainable. My wife was getting nervous, but I just laughed it off. We live close to the neighbors. My sons hitting a developmental milestone. Maybe squirrels are getting into the attic.

My great aunt passed away a few years after our owning the house, and shortly after, our first cat got very ill. He started peeing everywhere - just like our second - and later died of CHF. Thats when things went from weird to scary.

We were watching my brothers son one day. I hear giggling in my sons room, its my nephew. I walk in and he is pointing at the corner the cat used to stare. Just creepy giggling. My son started saying things like I dont want to go to bed. He gets mad or the shadow went over there. I still laughed it off out loud, but was getting creeped out. That uneasy someones here feeling kept hitting, harder and harder.

Then the 3AM stuff. Super cliche, but hand to god I had never heard of the witching hour until I started talking to guys at work (thats how creeped I was getting, I told people about this craziness). Id wake up in a cold sweat. No big deal, though falling back to sleep was tough because I felt like someone was watching. Then, for absolutely no reason, at 3:01 my smoke detector starts going off. FIRE. FIRE. FIRE. Goes off three times, then stops. Check the house - nothing. Change the batteries and go back to bed. The next morning, 3:01 FIRE. FIRE. FIRE. Goes off three times, then stops. I get up again, nothing. After the 4th night, I am totally spooked. Then, inexplicably, it stops.

We ended up moving shortly after. It was our dream to move North, and plans were in motion before things got too wild, but the timing really worked for us. We moved into an 1850s farmhouse. I have never felt safer. No creepy feelings, the kids are sleeping better, Ive even stopped sleep walking. As a side note, the people that bought our house never even moved in. They put the house back on the market, where its sat for almost a year. Creepy.

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