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If ghosts haunt the places they departed then graveyards are the least haunted places.

Speaking of graveyard stuff...

Graveyard stories and books with creepy details... If that's what you're looking for, you'll find plenty to peruse below!


Katies's teenage life was slow and uneventful, until one misty night when she was spirited away into the very game she played to indulge her love for "all things spooky".

Where she found herself was a far cry from the safe board game of GhostHunt where the Ghosts and Vampires were only on playing card.

Trapped in a land of werewolves, witches and undead creatures, Katie had to become more daring and resourceful than she had ever been before.

Winning a real live life game of GhostHunt in this strange and dangerous world of haunted mansions, graveyards, ghosts and monsters, might be here only way home.

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Would like opinions on this photo I took in a graveyard in Newport, RI please.

I went on a ghost tour of Newport a few years ago. We had our phones and cameras out and were basically pointing and shooting pictures at random throughout the tour.

This is one of the last pictures taken at the end of tour, which ended in a graveyard outside of a very old church. The graveyard also supposedly home to a few pirates graves.

When you look at the photo you will see the tour guide wearing a robe and the thing in question is the odd oval shaped thing between her and the gravestone. I tried replicating the picture but had no luck. It almost seems transparent.

Again just wanted opinions on what this could have been. From what I remember it was a cold night in October with possible sprinkles of light snow.

Here is the [Photo](https:i.imgur.comX4G5XRi.png)

Posted on Reddit by DudelTotallyMissYou.

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Graveyard Shift Worker Stories

Hello everyone,

I am in the process of starting a podcast that solely focuses on the experiences of graveyard shift (3rd shift workers) such as police officers, fire fighters, EMS workers, hospital employees, etc. My plan is to run the podcast as a pre-recorded call-in show, similar to Art Bell's Ghost to Ghost AM nights back in the mid-1990s. My goal is to focus on graveyard shift workers experiences and add some historicalsocial context behind paranormal phenomena, if possible. I currently work as a history professor who focuses primarily in American folklore and ghost-lore and would like to use these skills to run an intellectually-driven exploration into paranormal phenomena. If this concept is something that you would be interested in listening to andor participating in, please let me know in this poll. Thank you for your time!

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Time's Up Psycho

A family recently moved to a small town in Clifton, New Jersey looking for a better life.

It was not long before the siblings started experiencing some paranormal activities.

The past was certainly catching up to them.

None of them knew why it was all happening.

Except for one.

The question is...


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Disturbing experience in a graveyard

This is my first post in Reddit. I'm 36 years old and I'm French, my English may not be perfect but I'll do my best. Thanks for your understanding.

Back in 2003, I used to receive some email chain containing many weird and old pictures that were supposed to show ghost. I've never seen that before so I was both scared and curiously attracted at the same time. I did a search on the web to find how to try to take some ghost pictures by myself and I found a blog that gave me some advices. So, one day, I decided to ask my stepfather to lend me a digital camera.

It was a Friday evening, we were in March or April. My friends and I used to hang out in a castle that belongs to the municipality (yes, that town was awesome and that part of my life was priceless) where lots of kids from the town used to play music or just chill and play games with the community workers. It was around 10 p.m., I was with one good friend and on our way to come back home we had to walk past to the town graveyard. I told him I wanted to try to take some ghost pictures tonight and he was OK to come with me. In front of the graveyard we met my little brother and four friends of him, they were coming back home too and they were chatting on a bench. They asked us what we were doing and I decided to tell us the truth. They were very enthusiastic and they asked me if they could come with us. This idea didn't very please me but I said Yes on one condition : They had to follow my instructions. They were all OK and I told them that when we'll be inside the graveyard we all have to be quiet, respectful and aware of every strange feeling we could have. If someone feel something, just make me a sign and show me the direction so I can take a picture with the camera flash on.

Then we all passed over the barrier and began to walk through the graveyard. The graveyard was divided into two parts, one old and creepy and one recent and pretty normal. I decided to go to the old part because there were a lot of statues and paths surrounded by large fir trees, it was creepy by itself. We walked between the graves, through the paths, everything around us was very scary. But, after a while and some random pictures, nobody felt anything weird. So we decided to come back to the recent part to go outside of the graveyard and come back home. On our way to the barrier we were more relax and started to chat quietly and laugh a little bit, the pressure has faded away. We were walking with new graves on our left side when something very strange happened. My brother turned to me, he was white as a sheet and tears were running on his cheeks. He said "Take a picture ! SHE is right there !". I was confused and I took a picture as fast as I could in the direction he showed me. After that, nobody said a word until we got out of the graveyard. Everybody were stunned and frightened.

When we were out, we started to talk, my brother said he didn't know what happened. He did not see anything but he had a very powerful feeling that there was a woman just right where he showed me and that the feeling was so strange that some tears began to fall. We said goodnight to his friends and we came back to our house with my brother and my friend. Once we got home, we wanted to see the pictures, so I connected the camera to my computer. My mother and my stepfather were still awake so they came to see the pictures too. The first pictures were just some statues, old graves and there were nothing interesting. The only curious thing was the last picture, the picture my brother asked me to take. It was a new grave, with a lot of flowers on it, but behind that grave there was something unusual. There was a white shape, not like a light or something, it was made of white thick smoke but rich in details. We could see a woman, she was small or on her knees, she was wearing a large dress, she had long hair and her head down, her hair were hiding half of her face. We all saw her in the picture at the same time and we were shocked and scared. Except for my stepfather who immediately said that this was a prank and started to laugh. We could all see the woman, there were every details, like a normal person, but make of thin and dense smoke. He could see her too but he didn't want to admit that a thing like that could be possible. After that, I saved the picture on a floppy disk (remember...2003), we talked and tried to change our mind and after a while my friend went back to his house and everyone were going to bed. It was one of the worst night I've ever had, I was sweating, shaking, thinking about the woman in the picture. I know it was only in my head but I'm pretty sure that between two dreams I felt something trying to pull my blanket. Anyway, I don't think this detail is important, I was just scared.

The next day, I took the floppy disk and decided to show the picture to everyone in the castle. So I came out of the house and on my way to the castle I went I front of the graveyard. This time it was daylight and my curiosity was stronger that my fear, I had to know who were on that grave. So I walked into the graveyard, I found the grave and it was a man, apparently he was a football coach. So I checked the graves next to his, the place where the woman stood. It was a baby, he died at less than one year old. So I was a little bit confused and I went to next grave. And then there was the creepiest thing. It was a woman, a woman who died the year before, everyone in town knew her story because it was one of the most traumatic fact that happened last years. She was in car with her husband and her daughter. The father was driving in a little road next to my town. He stopped the car on the side of the road, I don't know why, but the woman got out of the car, may be he wanted her to drive the car. So she walked around the car, but the car was parked in a sharp bend a little way down the top of a hill. Some young guys who were driving way too fast didn't see her, she was instantly hit and cut in half before the eyes of her family. Horrible story, that's why everyone knew her. It was chilling, I came out of the graveyard faster than I came in, with lots of scenarios in my head.

I finally went to the castle and showed the picture to the guys who were near the computer and didn't say anything. Everyone saw the woman, but they all reacted like my stepfather, they started to laugh and said that it was a fake picture, that it was a prank. I didn't mind, the fact that they saw the woman on the picture prove that there is very something, whatever it is, everyone saw it. I kept showing the picture to everyone I know, only a few people believed me, but they all saw a woman too. Only my friend, my brother and his friends know what really happened that night, the real circumstances of the picture, my brother and the tears, this is one of the most disturbing part of the story.

I think you all wanna see the picture and I swear I wanna show it to you too, but back in 2003 when I showed the picture to everyone with my floppy disk, I lent it to an ex girlfriend so she could show the picture to her family, but she never gave it back to me. I truly regret to be unable to keep showing this picture to everyone, because it was the most accurate ghost or spirit picture I've ever seen, especially if you know what happened just before with my brother and who were in the graves where the shape was.

Since that day, I'm truly convinced that there are things that we can not explain, whatever it is, it is real. This story keep haunting me eighteen years later.

If anyone had seen or lived anything like that, please let me know. Thank you for reading.

Edit : typing error

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Graveyard Shift in a Funeral Home

Hi so I work overnight in a funeral home. My shift starts at 7pm and I get off at 6am. Weve had some creepy things happen and I am loving it. I wanted to share it all with somebody but didnt know who. Here are a few of the things:

1) This one happens quite often. Outside of the prep room (the place in the funeral home where we embalm bodies) we will hear footsteps pacing the hallway. At any given point, there are no more than 4 people in the building on a normal night, so for 2 people to be in the prep room and hear this while everybody else is out on first calls would rule out the footsteps belonging to anybody.

2) This one also happens, maybe 2-3 times a week. The door in my office will slam shut. The other day for example, I walked through the office door after getting a drink from our break room and went to our dressing area and the door literally slammed shut behind me. It also happens when Im at my desk and totally alone in the funeral home.

3) The hallway outside my office with the door that slams shut, I can also hear footsteps pacing back and forth. I tend to just close my office door when Im working so I dont have to hear it all.

4) Back to the prep room! One night I was chatting with 2 other coworkers outside the prep room. We had just finished embalming some people and were taking a bit of a break before cleaning up and disinfectingsterilizing everything. We are all standing around outside the door and hear something hit the far wall of the prep room and then hit the ground. Me being me, I went to investigate and it was our trocar button tool, but the last person to use it, we all saw him set the tool down on his prep table, about 30 feet away from the wall that it hit before dropping to the ground.

5) Another thing in the prep room that I didnt personally experience, but my coworker on the other shift swears by is that he was prepping somebody while he was alone in the building and the phone on the wall started dialing out. The phone dialed a funeral home in Missouri, the same funeral home that the person on the prep table was going to be shipped to.

6) Last one, this happened last night actually. We have industrial yellow cabinets that our flammable fluids are stored in. On top of those cabinets are plastic bins that we will put babies in before going in the cooler, that way they can be more protected. Anyways, all of our bins fell off the top of the cabinet. There were three of us in the building, I was coming around the corner when I saw it, one person was in the prep room, and the closest person to the cabinet was easily over 30 feet away.

I love my job.

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The Shades That Prowl

When Matt plays a silly prank to scare a friend, he unwittingly attracts the attention of an unknown entity.

Each encounter strengthens it, solidifying its presence.

Matt must confront the entity, learn how to fight it, or risk being subject to its will.

msincwriter is new on Wattpad.

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I was visiting a loved one's grave with my dad when he disappeared as we entered the graveyard.

I didn't know it was my dad's grave I was visiting nor why he called me here.

Posted on Reddit by ZAGBoi.

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