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Either hell is a lot nicer or heaven is a lot scarier if demons are cast-away angels..

I digress...

You don't have to tell anybody if the eerie angel stories and books featured below make you uncomfortable. I'm pretty sure they do that to everyone...


In a world where lust and all things like it are forbidden, one angel is wrongly accused of taking part in it. >>She is a victim of a rebellious angel, one who went against all they were told and yet still got away with it. >>One dark night as she is heading home, she is ambushed and attacked by an angel that has the vilest intentions in mind. >>When discovered in the act, the male plays it off as if it was the girl who attacked him. >>And as a male angel, the superior gender, of course, he is believed over her. >>The girl is condemned, thrown down to earth, and then stripped of her wings. >>. >>. >>She has no will to live, sees no reason to get up. >>She lays there, her wings that were so brutally torn from her back accompanying her mere feet away. >>She has no care. >>Doesn't bother to get up and leave the scene. >>Instead, she lays there, immovable. >>Broken, bleeding, and undone. >>. >>. >>He found her. >>She was lying in a pool of her own blood, her dress torn. >>Two twin bleeding wounds on her back. >>Curled up on her side, as if waiting for death. >>Her dark hair concealing her face from view. >>But something in him couldn't leave her there. >>Something in him died at the thought of letting her die. >>And so he determines to save her.

Fallen on Wattpad

My Mom always said that my baby brother is an angel.

I sat there crying to her on the balcony trying to explain I thought angels could fly.

Posted on Reddit by Teeohememwhy.

I was visited by an Angel during my my lowest moment.

Over this summer of 2021, I was visited by an Angel named Tibri. I know how this sounds, but i need to document this on the web in case anybody else ever comes across a similar situation.

I was driving to meet up with my friend go and have as much fun as you could in New York during peak covid restriction times. I was depressed, driving listening to all my favorite sad songs on my way to hang out with my friend. I park up around the corner of his house and just start crying thinking about my future with school my business that I'm launching this year.

I light up a cigarette and a few seconds later after me begging God for an answer crying about my future. Out of the corner of my left eye a random guy who looks like a Greek God with golden blonde straightdread like hair (think Zeus) appears next to my car on the sidewalk (one way). He had a golden aura surrounding him as if he was going super Saiyan from Dragon Ball Z (but very light). I could not tell you for 2billion dollars whether he was white or Mediterranean, or what, but he looked like an actual representation of what churches make gods look like in their art, even down to the halo part around the whole head.

He walks up to me on some very casual New York $#!# (Queens) as im crying he asks:

Angel: "i got bud if you need"

me: "nah bro, ahaha, im good i appreciate you"

he starts walking away and comes back once more asking

"you sure bro, take my number down im always around here."

and for some reason i respond

"you know what, yea man u seem cool, ive been just been going through alot "

he goes " You shouldn't be sad, everything's gonna be ok, you got this"

i got goosebumps.

I ask the "Angel" for his name as he's giving me his number and he says "Tibri". I texted the number saying, "my name, nice to meet you bro" and he walks away responds exactly 3 seconds later "you too my brother. i will see you soon" and walks to the corner of the block (lt; 15 yards) an immense light just shines down this one-way street and he disappears. I turn my car on, drive to the intersections there's only 3 places he could've gone - straight, left, or right. He went NEITHER. He VANISHED. In less than 10 seconds this man was gone, and he walked to the corner. His phone number no longer works, goes straight to "WERE SORRY THIS NUMBER HAS ..."

Some of you may laugh, but i feel like if an angel were to ever approach you and send you a message, what's the best way you think they could do that in that wont make it too obvious? For me, being raised in New York, you always got someone trying to sell you weed take their number down, so I'm used to it. So instead of an angel coming down with its wings out an obvious halo, what if they just pop out as a regular customer at your job? Or just someone you let cross the street even when you have the green light? or that homeless person who truly wants something to eat?

What if that's why we are told to love each other equally? Because you never know who you could be really talking to. For all we know - this reality is all a test, and you need to pass the test by shedding kindness onto every soul you meet.

If i caught my Angel slipping, just know Tibri, I'm going to make fun of you for eternity.

Edit: I didnt realize holy $#!# this is an angel the second he approached me (or more like spawned in from nowhere). But only after he walked away disappeared into the light, I had this feeling of did an angel just approach me in the most non-obvious, but lowkey way? Its like I had an epiphany thats when I went to go find him 10 seconds after I saw the light get more intensebrighter. During my time with him it felt as if I was in another world where it was just two talking, things were brighter all I could hear was us talking birds chirping. Goosebumps writing this every time I think of this.

Final edit: I realize I wrote about this encounter almost 1 year ago exactly, so this happened summer of 2020. Read my original post on this that got no traction, it has more information (as it was fresher in my mind). I only wrote about it again (this post) because something reminded me of it brought me comfort. Heres the link to my original angel encounter post below!


Posted on Reddit by defus3e.

Flaws And Feathers [PUBLISHED]

SAMPLE ONLY. >>THIS BOOK IS PUBLISHED ON AMAZON KINDLE AND RADISH APP! BOOK 1 Vienna, a teenage misfit, must save her loved ones by finding her way through a tangle of cursed Fallen Angels, love-struck Demons, and her loyal Guardian Angel. >>Vienna Reyes struggles with her anger. >>She's a misfit in a sea of grey, and always has the feeling that she's being watched. >>Her mediocre life drastically changes one day when Vienna and her sister Gwen find what appears to be a boy who has fallen out of the sky. >>He has no ID, no money and barely any clothing. >>But what he does have are strange eyes, unusual body markings, and a scar that looks like something straight from a horror movie. >>Deciding to help him find his friends, who have been involved in similar predicaments, the Reyes siblings learn that the stories of Heaven and Hell are real, and they're closer than they could have ever imagined. >>Highest ranking: Paranormal 6 [NEW VERSION OF BAD BOYS WITH WINGS] Jojo B 2018 All rights reserved

Flaws And Feathers [PUBLISHED] on Wattpad

Visited by a guardian angel?

When my boyfriend slept over at me and my moms place in the start of our relationship, we had a really weird expirience.

We were lying in bed to go to sleep. I was facing the wall, and he was facing the room. I was wearing a sleep mask. Suddenly I see this really sharp and bright white light. Its there for just a split second, everything was white. Like standing under a lightning or the blitz at a photography shop. I didnt think that much of it. Thought that it probably was my brain just playing tricks on me. 20 minutes later, my boyfriend said: Did you see the white light? I turned around and turned on the light and looked at him. I said yeah, did you see it too? To that he answered: yes, around twenty minutes ago. I had my eyes open just looking out in the room, and everything went white for a little bit. I couldnt see anything and I dont know where the light came from either, it just popped up and disappeared again.

My room was really dark. I only had one little window facing out to a pitch black balcony, and I had the blinds down. Our phones was lying with the screens down, and the lamps didnt have the right shade of light. We didnt know where the light came from

We tried google it and it all said guardian angel an so on.

I wanted to check with you guys on here if you have any ideas what it could be or if you have expirienced anything similar?

In the end, it is my first post on Reddit and english isnt my native language so dont kill me for the grammar

Posted on Reddit by monalolland.

guardian angel through oujia board

not sure where else to post this, so i guess ill start here. feedback and input is appreciated!!

so tonight a few friends and i decided to play with our ouija board. not our first time and we have contacted spirits before. personally, i dont believe in the paranormal as much as id like to. im just pretty skeptical with anything that doesnt have hard proof. even after tonight i still dont know what i believe.

anyway, were playing and instantly get a contact. we end up talking to her for almost two hours and learn quite a few things:

- female

- name: gia d.

- born 1938

- died 1956

- born and raised in utah

- hispanic

- 510 , 96 lbs

- had first suicide attempt, overdose, when she was 14

- second fatal attempt, slitting wrists, when she was 18

- she was in a foster home her entire life with over forty other kids and was neglected her entire life due to her race, weight, and height

- she said her caretakers didnt feed her because of her race

- she was bullied a lot for the same things

now the entire time we were talking to her she was very fixated on me in particular. she said that she was my guardian angel and that she was watching over me because of my mental illness and because of how sad i am. i asked if there was any way she could make herself known to me, she told shes visited me before in my dreams, that she is disguised as nature and hands (?), this is something she told me a lot, that i would find her in my dreams. she also made sure to continually tell me that shes my protector, that shes here to protect me.

we asked her many questions on where and how we could find her. a lot of them to which she replied with cant say but she did tell us that she is buried in a cemetery and she has a headstone.

she also kept saying things like find me (she said this a lot) and wed ask her what she would do if we found her, shed reply, free u. to that wed ask, free us from what and shed always reply with sad.

i do have a few more minuscule details about this occurrence, and can tell anyone who is interested or thinks they can be of any help! again, not quite sure if i believe in superstitious things like this, but i do feel like we did contact someone.

i feel like she was a good spirit and i was actually glad to talk to her. but i have no knowledge on anything paranormal and cant be sure on anything. again, any input would be amazing!!

ps - will update if i have any dreams?

Posted on Reddit by bearsintheairplane.

The Reluctant Marchioness

After a disastrous first season in London, Rose Wilde finds herself torn between two men who love her -- but who both hide secrets that could ruin her. >> Rose Wilde has always considered herself plain, especially when compared to her beautiful older sister Charlotte, and has practically given up on the idea of being romanced. >>But when American hotelier Derek Montgomery comes to revolutionise her little, sleepy English village of Ascot, Rose starts to revisit the idea of falling in love. >>However, Derek brings with him many secrets and obligations, some that might prohibit him from pursuing Rose -- and push her into the arms of her friend, Michael Cornell, the Marquess of Juniper. >>Will fate allow Rose and Derek to marry for love? Or will she indeed become the reluctant marchioness? [[Word count: 70,000 - 80,000 words]] Cover designed by Ashley Bandy (The Reluctant Marchioness is the sequel to The Coveted Countess, but can also be read as a standalone)

The Reluctant Marchioness on Wattpad

The Demon collapsed as the Angel had once again won the fight between good and evil.

Every human was set on fire as the purification of earth had finally begun.

Posted on Reddit by Mega_PEKKA.

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