Tenacity's "Don't Let Them In" Will Bewitch Your Eardrums

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Swinging rhythm shakes your spine in Tenacity's new tune "Don't Let Them In".

Keys and guitars mesh in mindful splashes under a rising tide of vocals throughout this adventurous track.


Keep the feeling strong.

We all belong in our heads.

Where beds of thoughts burn.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"Maybe they gave me too much..."

Tenacity pull from a myriad of artistic angles in "Don't Let Them In".

"We are a group of four unique musicians with vastly different upbringings and tastes. Our uniquely varied style blends elements of melodic alternative pop/rock with jazz, electronic and ambient influences."

- Tenacity

Snare taps fracture to the beat of a racing heart as vocals challenge the mix with mellifluous passion. Droning, orchestral strings meet flutes face-to-face nearing the song's end in a tailwind, tonal. A dramatic climax to a seriously enlivened track...


Poetic musings on states of mind take on personified poignance and allegorical imagery to pass their points across in "Don't Let Them In". The result is a song as much about listening without as hearing within.

"Don't Let Them In" won't let you leave it alone - once you've heard it, you're hooked. No need to imagine the feeling, there's a button below:

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