Telegraph Drag You "Down in the River" With Lush Rock Sounds

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Big, bold sounds send shivers of drama over air in Telegraph's new tune "Down in the River".

Angsty alternative rock vibes permeate this production, scratching out a unique take on the tone throughout its play time.

Nevermind the night.

The dawn is all that matters.

We will be alright.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"Down in the river... Don't pull the trigger..."

Telegraph embark on an emotional journey in "Down in the River," demanding your attention all the way through with wide open sounds and stark, crimson thoughts.

Tempered keys ring over open expanse, settling into space between shuffling strum and swaying, breezy reverberations. Foot-stomping rhythm crashes into sweeping guitar tones to whisk you away in "Down in the River".


A longing for bluer skies and an escape from dismal days jumps out through passionately intoned vocals in "Down in the River". Telegraph guide your mind over a morass of doubt and through cavernous depths of emotion towards the other side's growing light.

For a shot at redemption put to tune, tune into this track. Hit the button below and go.

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