Tee Vee Starts and Can't Stop "Dreaming"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Low-fi electro finesse cradles creative vocals in Tee Vee's woolgathering track "Dreaming".

It's decidedly retro, bubblegum pop with peaky vocals and plentiful synth magic.

"I've been dreaming."

Caught in the lights. Spotlights. Fog lights. Nocturnal sunlight.

Blind, you listen. Listening, you see.

Each light is more than it was before. Stars ablaze, floating forever.

Stars, they are, and so are you.

tee vee single square (1)-done

"...When I stand in its light..."

Warm, hazy synths eddy against a clap-heavy, mid-strong beat in "Dreaming". It sounds the way a starlit sea looks after a night time tempest; all bright dazzle and choppy waves.

At once minimal as it is brimming with detail, "Dreaming" makes for a highly enjoyable listen. The overwhelming degree of synth sorcery on display here inevitably reels you in, then Tee Vee's supernatural singing keeps you there. She's calling, pining, beseeching from high on the sonic spectrum... It's captivating stuff.

Tee Vee's neotenous, otherworldly vocals and an addictively catchy chorus place "Dreaming" at the top of the indie pop stack. You should listen to it. Go ahead.

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